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Bali Villas, Best Accommodations for Group Travels

If you travel in group or with the entire family, what’s better than staying in a nice villa together? Aside from Bali hotels, Bali villas are among the most favorite accommodations for group travelers, and there are numerous villas built in various locations to accommodate ever growing amounts of tourists that visit Bali. Villa is a great place to stay and enjoy more private atmosphere than hotel, and if you plan to visit Bali with family, friends or for honeymoon, try booking villa to experience an amazing stay.

Bali Villas: from Cozy to Luxurious

Villa is a great place for even cheaper budget if you do travel group, and is cozier than hotel if you travel with family members or your honeymoon date. Bali villas come in wide range of choices, from cozy tropical villas near beach area to modern, luxurious villas in hillside area. The price range is also various, so you can rent villa that fits your budget and has facilities you want the most from your Bali accommodation. Most villas in Bali have minimum two bedrooms, with capacity of two adults per room, but sometimes there are more compact villas that only have one bedroom, usually rented by couples or honeymooners.

Where can you find these villas? It can be anywhere. Bali has a lot of popular tourism spots, and many of these villas were built near these spots. There are beach-side villas such as in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Seminyak and Uluwatu. There are villas in rural areas such as in Ubud, Kerobokan and Petitenget. There are villas in slightly farther areas from the more popular South Bali, such as in Lovina. Even now, there are other villas that are under development, ready to accommodate more tourists that seem to multiply every year in Bali. Now, wherever you go in Bali, you will always be able to find a villa.

Amenities and Services in Bali Villas

All Bali villas are already fully furnished, and usually they already have basic amenities such as en-suite bathrooms (at least for the main bedrooms), swimming pool, maid and gardener service, fully furnished kitchen, free breakfast, some entertainment facilities such as TV, DVD player and sound system, shuttle car and service from villa manager. However, other villas have specific services such as private driver and chef, in-house dining service, water sport facilities, library, bar and even kid’s toys. Honeymoon decoration is usually offered for couples that rent the villa for honeymoon.

Other villas, especially luxurious types, have more impressive arrays of amenities and services. There are villas that have in-house spa and massage services, Jacuzzi tub, outdoor lounge areas, and even large size entertainment area where you can have special occasions like wedding and private parties. Some villas are also parts of resorts that offer services like posh restaurants and wedding chapels.

Depends on the architectures, some villas may also have specific design that becomes their plus points. For example, there are villas that have indoor bathtubs but semi outdoor showers, so they offer unique showering sensation. There are villas that have ‘floating’ dining room on a gazebo atop swimming pool. Some villas even have sinking tub made of natural stone.

Whatever services you need from a villa, make sure you know what services a villa has. Bali villas have wide arrays of services and amenities, and you should choose the one that fits your budgets and specific needs.

The Bali Travels Service for Bali Villas

Looking for a good villa in Bali? The Bali Travels is ready to help you. We provide complete information about various Bali villas, and assistance in selecting and even booking one of those villas that suits your needs the most. Make sure you get what you want with our service. Here are services we offer related to finding a good Bali villa:

  • Bali villa information. We have all information you need about various Bali villas, from the cheapest ones to the most expensive, luxurious, private residences. Whether you want private villa or villa resort that has complete facilities, we have the info, including the prices.
  • Bali villa selection and booking. We help you finding the best villa to book based on your needs, and inform you how to book it. You can get the most accurate information about each villa’s specific amenities and services, as well as the prices.
  • Bali villa selection based on specific requirements. Sometimes, travelers have really specific requests for their villa accommodations. Some want a villa for outbound or company training activities. Some want kid-friendly villa. Some want villa that has facilities for wheelchair users. Some want secluded villa that also has private car and driver services. We have all the information for specific requests like these.

We guarantee the best information and price lists for various villas in Bali; from beach villa in Kuta to rural villa in Ubud and even majestic Uluwatu villa. The Bali Travels is your best partner in picking the best Bali villa for your next visit. You can make inquiries to us whenever you want to prepare for your next trip (we suggest around three to six months before your actual trip).

Enjoy Nice Holiday with Nice Bali Villas

A good travel plan must include a good travel accommodation. To make your holiday more enjoyable, make sure you choose from high quality Bali villas, especially for group, family or honeymoon travel. At The Bali Villas, we help you making up your choice of various villas in Bali, even months before you start your trip. With our help, you can pick villa that really has everything you need during your trip, whether you stay for long or short time.

Contact us or call us directly to our office in Denpasar, or visit our blogs and webpage for information about various high quality Bali villas, including their most updated prices. We will provide the most complete and accurate information (including for new villas, if there are any), and you will not regret your choice. Have fun in Bali and stay at Bali villa with our help. For your transportation, a Bali car rental with driver service is a good choice.