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Bali Guest House, Cheap, Homey and Cozy Accommodation

If you are a super budget-strapped traveler who wants to get budget yet cozy accommodation in Bali, guest house is your solution. Bali guest house is very popular among backpackers and budget travelers around the world, since it provides cozy alternative of cheap hotels and even motels. Unlike Bali hotels, guest houses present homier atmosphere, since they are mostly regular houses turned into lodgings for travelers. Guest house is liked because it has the atmosphere like in a nice house, but with better access to tourist spots and even some extra services that you will not get in a regular house.

Bali guest house is a chosen accommodation for many backpackers, cheap travelers or group travelers. We will provide guide for you to choose the best guest house with best price and best facilities. Even if this is a cheap lodging, you must still find a good and safe one, so your holiday will be more convenient and comfortable.

Reasons to Stay at Bali Guest House
Guest house is a regular house that is turned into lodging, but still maintains the atmosphere of a house instead of becoming a hotel or inn. Therefore, even non budget strapped travelers love staying at guest house, so they can get homey feeling when staying. Many guest houses are two story buildings at most, but some of them are only one story buildings. Most of the guest houses are run by families, but some are run by individuals.

Many frequent travelers to Bali love staying in guest houses run by local families. Usually, guest houses owned by local families also have familiar atmosphere, since travelers can have conversations to the owner or family members. Many guest houses in Bali have such jovial atmosphere, where even different guests can quickly open friendly conversations in the common room or terrace, sometimes along with the family members when they go about their tasks. Such jovial and homey atmosphere is one of the main reasons why travelers love staying at guest house.

Also, Bali guest house is usually cheap, even can be cheaper than two or three star hotels. Therefore, you can save money and still get comfortable lodging for your travel in Bali.

Common Facilities in Bali Guest House
Bali guest houses usually offer standard amenities: bedroom, bathroom (can be private or communal), standard bedroom furniture, communal kitchen, common room, terrace or balcony, and laundry facilities. Meanwhile, some guest houses may have specific facilities like dipping pool, surfing board rack (usually for guest houses near the beach), bike for rent, free breakfast and afternoon snack, phone, fax machine, Wifi, and even beautiful garden where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Some guest houses even have family pets like cats or dogs, and guests are allowed to play with them.

Also, many guest houses were built near tourist destinations on purpose, such as near the beach or temple, so guests can reach important places quickly. Some even have strategic locations near restaurant buildings, markets, mall, motorbike rental and mini market. In Kuta and Legian, favorite guest houses are often located near the surfing beach or night clubs.

Many guests choose to stay at guest houses owned by local Balinese; besides being able to make contribution to local economy, guests can also ask the owners about traveling recommendations, including local places of interests, good cheap restaurants, local street foods, good shopping places and such. Therefore, it is like having free guide.

Our Services for Guest House
Interested in staying at Bali guest house next trip? The Bali Travels is ready to help! We will give you information and assistance related to renting guest house in Bali, such as:

  • Addresses and locations of many guest houses in Bali, including those that are owned by local families for more familiarity and cozy atmosphere.
  • Information about facilities and public facilities near the guest houses, so you can decide which guest house to stay at based on your needs during the travel.
  • Guest houses in popular areas such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Ubud, plus their specific facilities such as surfing board rack, bike rental and such.
  • Information of the most updated prices of the guest houses, including if there are new guest houses.
  • Suggestions and ideas about the best guest houses to stay at based on your preferences at holiday.

Although guest houses are considered budget accommodations, we understand that many people travel without unlimited budget, or enjoy more jovial and cozier atmosphere when it comes to lodging. At The Bali Travels, we help you picking the best guest house to support your trip, whether you come alone or with family and friends. Make your holiday memorable and comfortable by staying at a nice guest house!

Bali Guest House, Where You Can Feel Comfortable
What are you waiting for? Contact us immediately to make your plan to rent guest house, or explore our blog and webpage to find information about the best locations to find a guest house. We suggest you to contact us several months before your travel schedule, so we can assist you in looking for guest house ideas and options. We only recommend guest houses that have good reputations, and we can even provide information about guest houses that have been quite famous among frequent travelers to Bali, especially in popular areas such as Kuta and Legian.

If you do not like the atmosphere of modern hotel, or do not have enough money even to rent the cheapest hotel, guest house is your choice. The cozy and homey atmosphere is the best to make your trip enjoyable, and you will definitely enjoy great trip with lower budgets. Plus, guest house is better for group travels, since it is more comfortable to hang around together.

Contact us through our contact information or read our blogs to get further information, and find your Bali guest house for your next trip. The Bali Travels helps making your holiday memorable, even if you rent a low budget guest house.