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Bali Hotels in Uluwatu with Beach View

Uluwatu is a part of Bukit Peninsula, an area in Bali that has rugged terrain and limestone rock formations in many of its beach lines. Therefore, many people choose Bali hotels with beach view or beachfront position in Uluwatu as their best deals when looking for accommodations. Many Bali hotels in Uluwatu are quite expensive because of the location, especially since you must spend extra money to hire driver or rent vehicles. However, beachside or beachfront accommodations will make your spending worth it.

Bali Hotels in Uluwatu with Beach View

Many hotels in Uluwatu may boast their ‘close proximities’ with the beach, but how close? Do they provide mere minutes of walking distance to the sea, or you actually need to drive to reach the beach? Make sure you pay attention to this detail, especially since maps in Indonesia can be a bit far off from accuracy.
Here are some recommended Bali hotels and villas in Uluwatu that definitely has beach view or located in beachfront area:

  • Uluwatu Cottage
    Although this hotel requires you to drive for 5 minutes before actually reaching the nearest beach (Padang-padang), this hotel is located on a cliff area that directly faces the beach. Therefore, even if you just stay in your hotel, you will be treated with this amazing view. Plus, the nearby Padang-padang is a slightly secluded area with clean beach and unique rock wall formations around it.
  • Anantara Bali Resort Spa
    This is one of the most famous Bali hotels in Uluwatu; it has a literally ‘edgy’ position on a limestone cliff of Uluwatu, and directly facing the beach. There are many spots to enjoy sunrise and sunset, and the resort has spacious, open concept that allows you to directly see the sea even though you are inside your room. It also has amazing, renowned spa facility with complete treatments.
  • Bulgari Hotel and Resort
    This Bali hotel is located in a dramatic location; on the edge of rocky formation 500 feet above the beach, and directly facing the sea. The resort part near the edge is an outdoor dining area and seating areas, and there are lower spots that are designed with slightly more rustic but private charm for romantic dinner. Its restaurant, Sangkar, serves mixes between Italian and Balinese dishes.
  • Bombora Surf Camp
    As the name suggests, this is a Bali hotel that doubles as a good place to learn surfing. There are experienced surfing instructors ready to teach you surfing in near Padang-padang Beach, which is conveniently close from the hotel (only 10 minutes of walking). Compared to other accommodations here, this is among the cheapest, but still with good standard facilities.
  • Chateau de Ungasan
    This is a villa compound that is located on a cliff and directly faces the sea and hilly areas around it. However, this villa resort is famous for its medical spa treatment with sauna, massage, aromatherapy and Mediterranean menu in its restaurant for more refreshing day in Uluwatu.

Whether you stay in luxury villa, resort or cheap cottage, Uluwatu is a place to find Bali hotels that have fantastic view of rugged terrain and majestic Indian Ocean. If you stay in this fantastic area and want to explore vacation destinations in other parts of the island, a Bali car rental with driver service will be a great service to serve you.

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