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Bali car rental with driver

Bali Car Rentals with Driver: 5 Tips Every Tourist Must Know

Do you plan for the Bali car rentals with driver? Renting a car in Bali is one of the best transportation choices for vacation. You can get some benefits such as saving time and even saving money. The schedule also tends to be more flexible. If you are interested in visiting a very remote tourist spot, it is also much easier.

However, you cannot just randomly choose the car rental for this need. You must consider some important things to avoid being disappointed later. Below, there are some tips to get a Bali rental car along with the driver. Check them out.

Know Your Needs and Wants
First of all, make sure to know what your needs and wants are in renting a car in Bali. What does it mean? Related to your vacation, you must plan and make a list of the first attractions to visit. If you prefer family-friendly attractions in Bali like beaches, temples, and museums, you can choose regulation cars like the SUV type.

It is a different story if you want your vacation to be more adventurous. In case you want to drive in off-road terrain, of course, off-road cars are the better choice. What if you are going to Bali with a group of people? To make all the group members be in one car, maybe, you need to rent a minibus.

Conduct a small survey about which car agency can fulfill your needs and wants. If you have gotten one, it is time to contact them for rent. Ask for the details of the car to make sure you get the best one for you. This is how your vacation can be more interesting and comfortable.

Compare Cars Offered
Do you think that some Bali car rentals are equally good? That’s better for sure. Therefore, you can have more cars to compare. What to compare here is mainly the price. Although all car rentals in Bali commonly have decided on one particular price for a type of car, the details can be different.

For example, some rentals may offer 2 cars from the same series with the same price no matter if it is a matic car or not. On the other hand, some other rentals differentiate the prices of a matic and non-matic car. The matic car tends to have a more expensive rental price anyway.

Other details to consider are additional facilities beyond the tour package, fuel, services to pick up at the airport, hotel, and more. You can make a list of additional services to ask them. Total them all and compare the results of one service to another.

As a note, it doesn’t mean that you must always choose the cheapest one. Learn about the service well and choose one of them with the best service based on your prediction.

Ask about the Car’s Condition
Before deciding to rent car in Bali, you should also ask about the latest condition of it. Here are some matters you better know; when was the last time the car got its regular checkup, the condition of the car’s body, the engine, and if the fuel is used up too fast or not.

Why must you ask for such details? Above all, your safety is everything. You must not want something terrible to happen just because the car’s condition is not good when being used.

Ask about the Driver
Aside from asking about the condition of the car, make sure to ask about information details about the Bali private driver who will drive you. Yes, you must know if the driver has been experienced for years or not in guiding tourists. The more experienced they are, the better.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you must reject an inexperienced driver. In case you get him or her with less experience, at least, they must make sure that the driver is reliable and able to work professionally.

Make an Order Earlier
Around a week or even more before your vacation starts, you should have made an order. It is to prevent you from getting the rest of the cars in which the conditions can be worse than others. When you are the first client who makes an order for D-day, the car agent must provide you with the best car it has. Furthermore, it also prevents the agency from increasing the rental cost.

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