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5 Main Reasons Why Rent Car Bali is the Best Choice for Transportation

Rent car Bali? Why should you consider to use this service? Bali is a wonderful island with a bunch of tourist objects and attractions. It seems not enough to be only a day or two. If your visit to the island is too short, it means you will miss many stunning places there.

Of course, there are so many things to consider when spending your holiday in Bali. Aside from the attractions to visit, you must also think about the accommodation. Well, you can choose the best hotel there to make sure you can sleep soundly at night. Besides, for the ease and comfort when moving from one place to another, you should rent a car.

Indeed, some more transportation alternatives are available in Bali, such as riding public transportation, renting a motorcycle, or using an app-based transportation device. But for some reasons, renting a car is the best choice. So, what are those reasons?

More Practical
Renting a car means using the car for several days completely during your visit to Bali. In other words, you don’t need to think about what to ride for the next day since the car has been “on your hands”. It also saves time a lot. After finishing one object, you can just get the car and move to other places.

If you are going to the right car rental, the agent may give you a guarantee of security. In case the car is jammed or damaged before you finish your trip, the agent will replace it with another car with a similar specification. Sure, it is with a note that the car’s problem is not caused by your fault.

More Economical
Using public transportation indeed looks more economical in the beginning. But unfortunately, it is not. Moreover, it is if you intend to go around Bali to enjoy many attractions there. Just calculate how much Rupiah to spend in a day by continuously changing one bus to another.

For a trip that requires you to transport multiple times, rent car Bali is the best solution. The money is paid at once but it has covered many things including the fuel. It also has been estimated how much to spend based on the number of days of your visitation. In case you want to go to more places beyond the tour package taken, it means you must pay an additional cost.

It Saves Time
Having the car already available every time you are exiting from the hotel is more interesting. It saves much time and you can spend more time in the attraction, not on the way.

Well, public transportation devices in Bali may let you wait for some minutes before departing. When you are in a rush, it is not effective. Moreover, if you are not really into backpacking-style tourism.

Safe and Comfortable
Not all people can rest well in hotels during vacation. Some of them even prefer taking a rest in the car or the bus. You can even fall asleep on the trip if you use a Bali car rental with driver service. This thing becomes the next reason why renting a car is more recommended.

You can take a chance when in the car to take a rest for a while or even sleep before arriving at the destination. It feels like recharging your energy before using it for having fun in the next attraction.

Preventing Getting Lost
On the map, Bali is probably only a small island. But sure, it is not when you are there for real. There are miles between one destination to another. The island also has some similar attractions such as temples and beaches. Without having the right guide, you can just get lost. Moreover, when it is your first time going there.

To make sure you reach the destination well, you need to use car charter in Bali as well as hire a driver. Bali private driver also work as a tour guide who gives you information about places to visit. Of course, it is very important to prevent you from getting lost.

The guide will also inform you of dos and don’ts when in certain places. Yes, Bali is full of sacred places in Hinduism. As a visitor, you must honor it. This is another reason why the presence of a driver in rent car Bali is very important.

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