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Wonderful Beaches in Karangasem Bali

Bali is one of the islands in the world that has beautiful beaches. There are many famous beaches, which frequently become the destinations of the local or international tourists to spend their holidays in Bali. Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua are to name some of the popular beaches in Bali. How about the other beaches that have as much potential as those famous beaches? There are some beaches, which are worth trying in Karangasem Regency Bali. Some of them are even still not much explored, thus giving more private atmosphere during the visit. Below are some of the beaches in Karangasem Bali that have as many wonders as the other popular beaches.

Amed Beach Karangasem

Amed Beach is one of the tourist destinations in Karangasem. It has an appealing natural beauty. This beach can be reached in 30 minutes from Amlapura, the center of Karangasem. The access to this location is quite easy with various options of pubic cars, private cars, or motorbikes. It is about 78 km from Denpasar. One of the cheap ways to get there is taking bus from Batubulan bus station to Amlapura. This may take 2.5 hours. Then, you can continue taking bemo to Amed Beach for another 30 minutes of drive. Alternatively, using private cars are also interesting. This allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of green villages and rice fields along the way to Amed Beach.

Most of people around Amed Beach in Karangasem work as fishermen, farmers, and salt producers. The green view of the trees next to the beach combined with the sand and the ocean scenery creates a very peaceful feeling to anyone who simply enjoys sightseeing through the beach. The view of Mount Agung as the background of the ocean and the fishing boats that are neatly arranged on the beach makes this place is magical for visitors to return back there again.

Besides the beautiful beach, Amed has another special appeal as the underwater beauty. The water in Amed Beach is quite calm and clear, thus it invites many visitors to enjoy diving or snorkeling to see the wonderful habitat of the coral and tropical fishes down there. Another interesting activity that can be done by visitors during the visit to Amed Beach in Karangasem is visiting the salt producers and seeing the process of salt production. The traditional way of making salt in the village has drawn many international tourists’ attention.

There are many options of accommodations around Amed Beach with various budgets and facilities. Modern to traditional hotels, resorts, or cottages can be easily found with the easy access to the traditional markets for those who like to hunt for traditional culinary.

Jasri Beach Karangasem

Another interesting beach that should not be missed in Karangasem is Jasri Beach, which is located at Jasri Village. From Denpasar, it is closer than Amed Beach. It requires only 1.5 hours of drive, or 60 km of distance, from Denpasar. The beach is very easy to reach since it is only 300 m from the Amlapura main road. As one of the tourist destinations in Karangasem Regency, Jasri Beach offers an attractive beach view in its natural condition. The area of the Beach is divided into three, namely. Jasri Beach, Menteng Jasri Beach, and Dalem Jasri Beach. Each area has its own specialties and usages.

The East Jasri Beach is often used as the place to hold religion ceremonies or cultural sacred ceremonies, such as Melasti ceremony that is held to clean the sacred articles in certain period of time. Meanwhile, the Menteng Jasri Beach is the center for the traditional fishermen to do their activities. Tourists who have the interests in fishing can go this area. The last one, Dalem Jasri Beach is the place where most tourists spend their times enjoying the beautiful view of the beach or doing some water sports that are provided there.

Same as Amed Beach, Jasri Beach also has beautiful underwater scenery that is perfect to do diving and snorkeling. One of the most interesting activities to do in Jasri Beach Karangasem is renting the traditional fishing boats and sail to the ocean to enjoy the sea closer or to join the fishermen in fishing. As there is an increase in the total number of the tourists visiting the beach, the infrastructure is gradually improved by the local government providing more accommodations to create more comfort vacations for the visitors.

Virgin Beach Karangasem

Virgin Beach is one more must-visit place in Karangasem Bali with gorgeous look of the nature. This beach is located in Prasi Village in Karangasem with about 2 hours of drive from Denpasar. It is not difficult to find the place using public vehicles or private cars. There are small busses from Denpasar to Amlapura, Karangasem to take and get off at Prasi Village. There is a clear sign of ‘White Sand Beach’, and it will go through the village to get to the beach.

Virgin Beach in Karangasem is also often called as White Sand Beach or Prasi Beach. The name ‘virgin’ refers to the beach that is still quite quiet. There are not many tourists, who visit this beach. It makes Virgin Beach like a private beach for anyone who goes there. The area is rather secluded, located between two hillsides that make the beach hardly noticeable. Two hills enclose the beach, namely, Bugbug Hill and Perasi Hill, but this is the real attraction of the beach. Since there have not been many tourists visiting this place, the infrastructure is still not well developed, particularly the main road.

However, this is the price to get the original look of an untouched beach in Karangasem. With the white sand and clear water, this beach is again another perfect place to spot the virgin scenery of the underwater life. Diving or snorkeling are some of the favorite water sports that are often done besides swimming and sunbathing on the beach. Karangasem Regency Bali is one region that has its own wonder from the beautiful beaches that offer unforgettable experience for the tourists who visit there. If you stay in Kuta or around Denpasar, there are many Bali car rental with driver service that you could use to drive you to those beaches. Simply contact one of them and arrange an itinerary, negotiate the price then you will presented natural beaches with wild life under them.

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