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Why Should You Visit Singaraja, Bali?

As an international tourism destination, Bali provides many kinds of tourism attractions that spread all over the Island. Because of that, you need a good plan before traveling to Bali, so that everything can be arranged before hands and you can maximize the vacation time to visit as many places as possible. One of the places that should be included in the list is Singaraja. Even though the name is not as popular as Kuta or Nusa Dua, Singaraja offers many things to see.

Where in Bali is Singaraja?

Singaraja is the biggest city in North Bali and serves as the seat of the Buleleng Regency. Singaraja comes from the word ‘singe’ meaning ‘lion’ and ‘raja’ meaning ‘king’. During the Dutch colonial Singaraja was used as the centre of administration in Bali and the Lesser Sundae Islands. Therefore, it is not surprising if Singaraja still has the colonial atmosphere throughout the town. There is a clear distinction, which can be seen from the wider and grander street and the European old houses with large gardens. This is what makes Singaraja has a different appearance compared to the other towns in Bali.

Singaraja can be reached in about 2 to 3 hours drive from the south of Bali. Anyone can choose one of the three routes that offer different charms. The first is the west route through Pupuan with the pretty rice-paddies, coffee, and spice plantation. The next is the east route through Kintamani, accompanied by the appealing scenery of the active volcano and mountain vistas. And the last is the central route via Bedugul, going through the botanical gardens and markets. If you stay in Kuta area and want to visit this spot, a Bali car rental with driver or private Bali driver service will be a good option for you.

Singaraja from Denpasar:

Must-Visit Places In Singaraja

Buleleng Regency with Singaraja as the centre has a beach area stretching around 144 km from the east to the west. There are some spots, which should not be missed during your visit to this tourist destination area. They include the following:

Lovina Beach
Lovina beach is located around 7 km at the west of Singaraja. This beach is known as a calm beach with friendly waves that are perfect to do swimming, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and traditional boating. The sand is a mixture between the dark blackish sand and the white sand. The scenery is enriched with the presence of coral reefs and the tropical fishes, with stunning colors. Lovina is famous for the dolphin attractions. There are hundreds of dolphins, which swim around the beach every day. That view can be seen clearly in the morning, and has made Lovina Beach even more famous internationally. Lovina Beach is the original habitat of those dolphins. Many Bali tour service offer this spot in their itinerary.

Buyan and Tamblingan Lake
This lake is located at the south of Singaraja. The original condition of the lake has made this place very interesting, especially for those who search for peace and calmness. People in Buyan and Tamblingan Lake are totally aware of preserving the lake in its original condition. There are no modern boats in this area. People prefer to choose small boats for the transportation on the lake. A more attractive thing that can be seen in this lake is the presence of monkeys at the edges of the lake. The preserved nature becomes the main attraction in this area.

Gitgit Waterfall
It is about 11 km from Singaraja heading to the south to Pancasari and Bedugul. The height of this waterfall is around 35 m with the interesting view and the cool weather. The waterfall can be reached by walking from the park with the pleasing scenery of the rice fields, the coffee plantation, and bamboo that grows along the way to the waterfall.

Menjangan Island
Menjangan Island is a small island with beautiful underwater scenery. It is absolutely a perfect place to do scuba diving and snorkeling. This island can be reached by boat from Labuhan Lalang in around 30 minutes of drive. The beauty of underwater view presents the colorful coral and the ocean living that has attracted many divers from all over the world. There are also many deers around the island that has been brought from Taman Nasional Barat Bali.

Air Panas Banjar or Banjar Hot Water
The hot water spring of Bajar has been found since the Japanese still ruled long time ago. The hot water that contains sulphure that is believed to be able to cure some skin problems. Many people come to this place for this purpose. They can swim or bathe there. Air Panas Banjar is around 24 km from the west of Singaraja.

Air Sanih
Air Sanih is also called Yeh Sanih, located in 17 km from the east of Singaraja. This naturally formed place to bathe consists of 2 bathing areas. One area is for adults and the other for children. Not far from there, the area is surrounded by the sea that is safe as the place to swim and sunbathe, and any other water activities. There are many small cottages available and the parking lot.

Ex. Buleleng Port
Ex Buleleng Port was the main gate for business in Bali. Through this port, most of the cattle deliveries such as cows, pigs, and sheep are conducted. There are also coffee that is exported to Singapore and the other close countries. In this port, there are also many big ships, which connect Bali and the other big towns all over the country. This place is more crowded on Sunday because many people do their activities like jogging, cycling, and walking. Whereas at night, it is not less crowded because this place is used as the culinary center that offers various kinds of local food options.

Penimbangan Beach Singaraja
This beach is quite crowded everyday, especially at late afternoon. Many young people gather there and enjoy the food provided in some tents or food stalls.

Singaraja is one of the regions in Buleleng Regency that offer various attractions to the visitors. The historical journey of this town has left a beautiful character. It can be felt from the buildings and streets that tend to be larger than the normal ones. Singaraja is one of the charming places in Bali. It offers the visitors with various natural attractions.

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