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The Benefits of Car Rental Kuta Bali

Car is a transportation mode that is commonly used in Indonesia. There are countless car rental companies that offer you the services that you need. Before you start your trip to Bali, Indonesia, you want to make sure that you already have a plan to rent a car in Bali. You can start by browsing options of car rental Kuta Bali and match with what you need. Renting a car has benefits, especially when you are only traveling for a short period. Here are the benefits that you can consider before renting a car in Kuta, Bali.

1) Gives you freedom
With a rental car, you are allowed to choose what you want. You are also given freedom especially when you are traveling in remote areas like a mountain, hilltops, and even waterfalls. There are many hidden gem tourist attractions around Kuta, Bali that you can visit. With a hire car, you are free to travel wherever you want whenever you want. You are not tied to a travel itinerary guide. As a tourist, you can’t have this advantage if you join a travel group. They often only stop at a limited scenery. With a car rental Kuta Bali you are given the freedom to stop and look at the marvelous scenery of Kuta, Bali.

2) Comfort
With a rental car, you are given the comfort you need. This is beneficial when you are traveling with family or when you are traveling to bond with your friends. The atmosphere of a rental car is rather intimate. You also don’t need to rush anywhere if you get a rental car. You can take all the time you need traveling because you are following your own travel timeline. There is no need to rush to a station to catch a train. Therefore you can also get a personal space unlike when you travel by public transportation.

3) Low cost and affordability
When you are browsing for a car rental Kuta Bali, you will find a very diverse price range. You are once again given the freedom to choose the one that fit your budget. The rental price of a car in Kuta Bali starts from Rp500.000 or around $30 daily. This price depends on what kind of car you are looking for, the size of the car, and the additional features that you need. If you are renting the car for a longer time, you might also get a discount. You might also get a driver’s package so that you can save the time and energy of driving and navigating the road.

4) Countless options
A car rental company will offer you a broad choice of cars. You can communicate what you need to the employees, and they will help you recommend the right vehicle. You are still free to choose the car according to your needs. But the first thing you want to do is to make sure that you get the right type of car. Especially if you are thinking about traveling to a place with extreme terrains, like mountains, or waterfalls. You can also choose a manual or automatic car. Commonly, the automatic one costs more. But again you are given a lot of choices in Car rental Kuta Bali.

5) Car Insurance
When you rent a car, you don’t need to worry about insurance. Generally, all car rental companies in Kuta Bali already had the rental car’s insurance covered. This is important for ensuring your safety and determining how it will be handled when something happens. You might also pay attention to the terms and conditions given by car rental companies. You don’t want to pay a lot of money for the damage that you don’t cause. It is also important to take a picture before you use the car. This way, if there is already damage to the car, you can give proof to the companies so that they won’t charge you.

Car rental Kuta Bali will give you a lot of benefits. You can enjoy your trip to Bali with a comfortable transportation mode. You might also want to browse the car rental companies before your travel to Bali. This will help you to determine and set your minds clearly. You are also allowed to ask for a driver’s package if you are not comfortable driving by yourself. If you stay in different part of Bali, there are many Bali car rental with driver as well as Bali private driver services available to choose.

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