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pendet dance

Pendet Dance

The beauty of the island of Bali is no doubt, the various elements of the beauty are formed in a single-entity has been created from this island. One of them is Pendet dance. A dance that symbolizes a welcoming of descent of the gods into the world. Before I Wayan Rindi (a dance choreographer) made several changes, pendet dance was held in the temple for Hindu religious ceremonies.

Sources of inspiration Pendet birth is a sacred Odalan ceremony in the temple ritual called mamendet or mendet. The procession takes place after the priest proclaimed mendet adored mantras and after-theater staging mask Sidakarya philosophically legitimize sacred religious ceremonies. Almost every large to the small temple in Bali is accompanied with mamendet activity. In some large temples like Pura Besakih which located at the foot of Mount Agung, usually in particular showing a ritual mamendet with Pendet dance.

This Bali dance was among the oldest dance where the dancers dance like which consists of four girls which are sacred (virgin). This dance requires specialized skills, such as the gestures and content, should be graceful, certain expressions while dancing, and eye movements. Currently pendet dance can be danced by everyone, men and women, adults and girls. In the year 1950 two artists from Denpasar sumertha village named I Wayan Rindi and Ni Kt Reneng successfully transformed this dance into propane dance (dance entertainment) and switch to tap dance welcoming distinguished guests. Pendet was first introduced to the world at the International in 1960 when Indonesia hosted the asian games organizers in Jakarta. From here Pendet became famous to the outside world and became a cultural tourist attraction in Bali. Pendet many uses so-called seledet eye movements, hand gestures, head movement, shoulder movement, and footwork. One dance called agem attitude, the attitude of both legs with a tenuous grasp on the position of the hand bent. Characteristic of this dance is the movement which preceded the laying flowers with offerings movement while seated.

Pendet usually sung in groups or in pairs by young ladies, and more dynamic than Rejang dance. Published after Rejang dance in the courtyard temple and usually facing toward to the sacred. The dancers wearing stylized Balinese kebaya which usually yellow tank top with Bali gold leaf motif. Then added a piece of cloth (Kamen) that is wrapped around the waist to come down to the ankles. Then on a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist or ambed. The dancers also styled hair and piled neatly on the back. Some loose hair decorated with some Cambodia flowers.

Pendet accompanied by Balinese gamelan instrument. Balinese gamelan different devices with Javanese gamelan instruments. Balinese gamelan instruments, among others: tarompong, reyong, bende, kempul, gongs, drums wadu, petuk, drums lanang, cengceng, jublag, jagong, gangsa, reckless, magnolia, and gongs kebyar. Gamelan is usually done while sitting cross-legged man, and musical instruments played by being hit with a special hitter.

The combination of motion Pendet dance with music accompaniment gives a very different feel. The rhythm of music that has a fast tempo with a full impression of cheerful yet magical elements, making the atmosphere around feels different. Moreover for you to watch this dance up close and live. Surely this will make your holiday is very memorable. Visit Bali with an abundance of beauty and happy vacation. If you are lucky, you will discover this dance when visiting vacation spots in your Bali tour package.

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