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Monumen Bajra Sandhi Renon

Monumen Bajra Sandhi is a monument that was built in the center of Denpasar town, in Renon area near the Bali Governor’s Office. This monument is dedicated to the struggle of Balinese in the past. Many domestic tourists do not know about the existence of this tourism spot, but it is quite famous for foreign tourists such as Korean and Chinese tourists.

If Jakarta has Monas, Bali has Bajra Sandhi, Both are dedicated as a memorial monument. The architectural design of the Bajra Sandhi Monument almost entirely takes the typical Balinese architecture as well as the carvings and sculptures.

Monumen Bajra Sandhi Museum History
Prof. Ida Bagus Matra is the idea originator of the monument establishment, when He served as Bali’s Governor, in 1980. The architecture of this monument is Ir. Ida Bagus Gede Yadnya, Who won the monument architecture competition in 1981. The design depicts the independence day of the Republic of Indonesia in August 17, 1945 with 17 entrance gates, 8 main pillars and a 45 meters height.

Bajra Sandhi Monument construction began in 1981 and had stopped then continued again in 1987. On June 14, 2013 this monument was inaugurated by Mrs. Megawati Putri who was the President of the Republic Indonesia at that time. This monument stands on the Niti Mandala Renon sport area. The green field that is used by Denpasar Citizen every day as an exercise area such as jogging and playing football. Bajra Sandi name comes from the words Bajra (means Genta or The Golden Bell uses by Hindu’s Priests) and Sandhi (mean sacred or divine power).

Bajra Sandhi Monument’s uniqueness
Bajra Sandhi monument looks like a Pagoda for Japan, Korean and Chinese Tourists. So when you visit this monument you will discocer many Asian tourists around it. Tripadvisor post many vacationers review for the monument as well. In addition to the museum, in Bajra Sandhi visitors could find libraries, handicrafts and rest room of course. In the middle of the Monument there are four stairs towards the second floor.

On the second floor of the monument there is a museum that tells about the struggle of Balinese in prehistoric times, Balinese civilization growth, history of the Balinese Kingdom, as well as the Balinese struggle for the independence.

In the second floor there is a circular staircase leading to the third floor. In the third floor there is a fairly spacious room which surrounded by glass windows. From this room you can see 360 ​​degrees view of Denpasar city and its surroundings. If you stay far from Denpasar, like Ubud or Karangasem you could use a Bali car rental with driver service if you want to visit this spot.

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