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The Dazzling View Of Jatiluwih

Most travelers who come to Bali want to know or learn the unique and amazing culture, some are coming to hold an event or party, some are coming to enjoy the beach and the waves, and some are coming to enjoy vacation with their family. But if you prefer to enjoy the natural beauty, visit Jatiluwih presenting stunning natural paintings, lush paddy fields stretching widely from the foothills of Batukaru Mountain.

It is situated at Tabanan Regency on the western district. This area is famous as a stunning highland landscape. Jatiluwih has fascinated thousands of travelers by presenting the views of the mountain village seemed to cover most of southern Bali. Jatiluwih means ‘absolutely beautiful’ and the area is deserve that name. A proof of the greatness of God, You could start your tour itinerary at 08.30 in the morning. There are many routes to explore Bali and each has its own purpose which is usually packed in some tour packages. Rent a motorcycle is a great way to explore the remote areas but riskier. There are many car for hire available in this island as well. An experienced local driver mostly included and make sure to negotiate the rates and make sure that there are no additional cost in the end.

There are several villages that you will pass on the way to Jatiluwih; Wanasari, Jegu, Buruan and Wongaya Gede village which will be encountered after passing through the town of Tabanan. Throughout the trip, you will find a quiet rural atmosphere, typical traditional houses, the plowing, planting rice, harvesting, duck herders and some small temple in the middle of rice fields as a place to worship Dewi Sri, a symbol of prosperity’s Goddess in Bali. You will discover the unique rice field terracing in these area as well. If you discover the farmers are working in their fields then you want to try it, you can ask your driver to stop and ask if you are allowed to join them. Usually they will welcome you friendly. Do not be surprised if you are surrounded by the children and greet you with their language. Most of the farmers don’t speak English and it is better if you could ask a hand from your driver as translator. In this kind of area, you will be able to feel the root of Balinese lives as well as their culture, without having to spend months to explore the entire island. For those of you who love the beauty of the butterfly, you can see them in a butterfly park located in Wanasari village. There are many colorful tropic butterflies in this park. You could discover a Holy hot spring around Pura Luhur as well. Everything looks magical, a sanctified place and believed as the palace of holy spirits.

The journey continues since Pura Luhur Batukaru is the end of the trip. One of the most famous temple on the island of Bali and dedicated as the worship of God as ‘Ratu Hyang Tumuwuh’ – God who grow plants by the used of water properly. Each adventurer will feel challenged to explore the dense forest around this plateau. In this mistical center and spirit of the amazing Bali island, we could discover healing herbs, fragrant spices, orchids and exotic tropical trees as well.

Then you will arrive at the main purpose of this trip, Jatiluwih village. Has been named as one of the main barn for the entire island of Bali. Jatiluwih really dedicate a small part of Paradise, perched on the slopes of a high-rise with exposure to the soothing green color. Terracing is the main feature of the landscape’s beauty. Vast stretches of fertile rice fields to the southern part of the island. The secret soul of Paradis Isle. Enjoy the freshness of the air, fused with the beauty offered and this will be an unforgettable trip for you. A small piece of Paradise inside the Paradise Island.
Consider this Beautiful spots for the next destination of your holiday. There are many Bali car rental with driver or Bali private driver service available to help you. Jatiluwih entrance fee is IDR 40.000 per person.

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