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Jembrana Bali, another Bali’s Natural and Cultural Asset

Jembrana is a region in the western part of Bali with Negara as the capital city. Similar to the other places in Bali that grow into interesting tourist destinations, Jembrana also gradually develops its tourism potentials even though the visitors are not as many as the other more popular places in Bali. The area has many villages with fresh air since most of the area is covered by the forest of the Bali’s National Park, which provides the place with appealing green scenery. Most people in Jembrana work in agricultural fields with the main crops of coconut, coffee, cloves, and vanilla.

There are many tourist potentials, which are very interesting in the region. They range from the traditional villages with their genuine look of the countryside life to amusement parks. Here are some of them.

Natural attractions in Jembrana, Bali

As mentioned above, most of its areas are covered by rainforest. Therefore, Jembrana is the option for those who want to enjoy fresh air and spend the time in the secluded area.

• The West Bali National Park
Jembrana Regency in Bali also has a national park in the western part Bali, The park is located at Sumber Village, Gerokgak, Jembrana. It is about 70 km at the west of Singaraja. The West Bali National Park occupies for about 77,000 acres; this accounts for around 10% of the mainland in Bali. The presence of this national park is very important for the existence of many protected animals in Bali. There are about 160 species of animals and plants protected in this forest. They include bulls, deer, monkeys, bats, and many kinds of birds including jalak Bali, a species of bird from Bali that is in the danger of extinction right now. Therefore, it is protected in its natural mullet within the park. There is also the original mullet of jalak putih that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

• Palasari Dam
Palasari Dam is situated in the district Melaya, about 26 km to the west from Negara. This dam was built mainly as the controller over the flood, irrigation, fishing, and recreation. As a recreational place, Palasari Dam gives beautiful scenery of dam with the protected forest as the background. This creates a cool and fresh air around the dam. Some small boats are provided for those who want to go around Palasari Dam.

• Tirta Samudera Dlod Bawah Recreational Park
This water recreational park is making advantage of the seawater. Therefore, it has the effect of hydrotherapy that is believed to cure some disorders. This seawater public swimming pool is claimed as the first seawater swimming pool open for public because there were not any such swimming pools except those in some hotels that can be used only for the hotels’ guests. This recreational park has not been finished and many other facilities are being built to attract visitors.

• Pengeragoan Beach Jembrana
Like most of the places in Bali, Jembrana also has beautiful beaches. One of them is Pengeragoan Beach that is located in Pengeraoan in District Pekutatan, Jembrana, at the east gate of Jembrana next to Tabanan Regency. Pengeragoan Beach has black sand with coconut trees along the beach. The best spot to enjoy this beach is at the north of Pengeragoan Village, which is the prettiest place to see the beautiful beach.

• Medewi Beach Jembrana
Medewi Beach provides the visitors with beautiful beach curves. Medewi Village is located about 24 km at the east of Negara 72 km from Denpasar. This beach is very suitable for surfing since the wave is quite long and it does not quickly break; this is the requirement for surfing. There are many hotels for tourists with various facilities and comforts that can be chosen based on everyone’s needs.

Cultural and Religious Attractions in Jembrana

In addition to its amazing natural attractions, Jembrana offers the visitors with traditional villages, where traditional music and dance performances are held regularly. There are also some temples and historical sites.

Bunut Bolong: The Unusual Glimpse of Jembrana

Bunut is a name of tree in Bali. The word ‘bolong’ has the meaning of hollow. Bunut Bolong is a very unusual tree with dense roots that grow very uniquely until it forms a hollow with road get through it like a road with a tunnel. The road is connecting Pekutatan and Buleleng, with a beautiful view of clove plantation around Bunut Bolong location. It is located in Manggisan Village, Pekutatan area of Jembrana, about 49 km to the east of Negara, or 86 km to the west of Denpasar.

Sangkaragung Village

Sangkaragung village is famous for its traditional music performance, called jegog that follows a Balinese traditional dance. Surprisingly, jegog is very famous in Japan. It is performed in the Sakura country for at least three times a year. In Sangkaragung Village, the music performance is usually held every Sunday and Thursday in Sanggar Jegog Suar Agung to entertain the tourists who visit the village. An interesting part from the performance is that the visitors can take parts in playing the traditional music instruments with the guidance of some professional trainers there.

The Sacred Rambut Siwi Temple

Pura Rambut Siwi or Rambut Siwi Temple is located 18 km to the east from Nagari, or 78 km from the west of Denpasar. This temple is beautifully located on the beach area that adds to the sacred atmosphere of the temple. Besides the amazing view of the beach, the scenery is completed with the irreplaceable beauty of the sunset moment everyday. Moreover, there is a view of the vast green rice fields and the firm attractiveness of the mountain view.

Rambut Siwi Temple location:

Jembrana’s Ancient Human Museum

There is a museum, which displays the skeleton of ancient human, who lived in the pre historical era with Mongoloid race. Besides skeleton, the museum also displays some ancient jewelry, such as bracelet made of wood and shells, beads, pottery, and sarcophagus.

Makepung Tradition

There is a unique tradition in Jembrana called makepung. This is a traditional racing of buffalos by using the animals that pull traditional vehicle called cikar. This racing is done in groups, which are divided into the west group and the east group. The buffalos are decorated using gold head decorations. This event is held as a regular event to win the Governor Cup. Makepung is usually followed by jegog music and makepung dance by the village girls.

The green forest of Jembrana’s region has made it an appealing as a tourist destination to visit. Not only the natural charms, there are cultural and traditional attractions that are very unique and valuable to be enjoyed.

If you want to visit this area there are many public transportation that available to Jembrana. Or if you need private transportation, Bali car rental with driver or Bali private driver service will be the best choice.

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