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How To Rent A Self Drive Car Rental In Bali

How To Rent A Self Drive Car Rental In Bali. Bali is famous for having an endless number of tourist attractions to visit. Start with a beautiful row, Beaches, shady landscapes, stunning views and very interesting historical buildings.

Bali cruises can be quite challenging depending on other group member’s schedules. If you want to see Bali on a tour, for groups, it is not possible to change the destination that suit your need. But you can avoid it if you have an international driving license. If not, it will difficult to renting your own car when you are in Bali island.

If you’re inviting friends and family and you’re an experienced driver, it’s a good idea to rent a car yourself. A Self drive car rental in Bali lets you navigate if you’re planning your Bali itinerary. Take in the views on your own time with your friends and family.


  • You must present your international driver’s license when renting a car in Bali. If you don’t have it, you can get a driving license at the police station in Denpasar. This license is usually valid for one month.
  • A Self drive car rental in Bali usually has manual transmission and always goes straight.
  • Car rental packages do not always include insurance. You have to inquire with the rental car company. Insurance coverage they offer; these items are often billed as additional items on top of the rental fee.

Before You Start Choosing A Self Drive Car Rental In Bali, Please Note The Following:

  • Check your vehicle for damage or other issues before signing the dotted line. Tenants may be held liable If you leave your car without bringing it to the dealer’s attention, you will pay for the damage already in your car.
  • Test drive a rental car before paying. You need to make sure that the brake pedal, handbrake and clutch are all there.
  • Fuel costs are not normally included in the price.
  • Driving conditions in Bali. Driving in Bali is not the same as driving in the United States or Europe. On the road, drivers tend to follow their own set of rules. In fact, it’s as if the rules aren’t in place. Roads may be arbitrarily closed to make way for festive processions, especially during holidays.
  • A season like Galungan. Drivers are unfamiliar with normal road rules and often only give way if their vehicle is smaller than yours. Motorcycles that change lanes without warning often do so. The road network in Bali can be very confusing if you are not familiar with it.

Tips You Need To Know About Self Drive Car Rental In Bali

1. Obtain a proper driver’s license.
Even if you drive a motorbike in Bali, it is legal to drive if you have a license. If you’re planning on renting a motorbike in Bali, try to plan ahead and have an international driver’s license (bring your normal driver’s license as well). In the US, you can have an international driver’s license from AAA for about $15 USD. You just need to bring your regular driver’s license and two photos for your passport.

Another option is to have a temporary Bali driver’s license (or tourist driver’s license). The price is around US$30 and only one is available at Denpasar police station. For exact directions, please contact your hotel or guest house.

2. Start slowly and drive safely.
Driving speed varies between 40 and 70 km/h. Road conditions can be hazardous, such as large potholes and loose rocks. It is better to proceed slowly or at an even pace. Getting into a mishap outside is something you definitely want to avoid. More than 150 motorcycle casualties are reported each day, and it wouldn’t surprise me if most of them were a group of tourists who had never ridden a motorcycle.

3. To honk is to let others know that you are there or that you will succeed
Balinese people are courteous and will not honk if you’re driving too slowly. Instead, they simply disregard you. In the meantime, to avoid collisions, they will honk to alert you that they are either behind or on your blind slide when passing.

4. Always put a seat-belt on
On my first night in Bali, I witnessed a car accident. Bali’s traffic is relatively calm and unthreatening. Still wearing a seat-belt is a good precaution in any country where you plan on a self drive car rental in Bali.

5. Stay on the highway’s left side
In America, I’m afraid to turn left because the car is always parked. Left turns are easy thanks to Bali’s left-side drive. But if you doubt with your driving skill especially in Bali, you may use a Bali car rental with driver service or just simply use a Bali private driver service.


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