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Bali car rental with driver

Complete Guide About Car Rental in Bali

Everything You Need to Know About Rent A Car In Bali And Bali Road Trips

If you hear the name of Bali island, you’ll imagine a small tropical island with white sandy beaches and heat sea water, and a lot of tourist activities on supply, from those that are friendly for kids to those who stimulate adrenaline. No marvel that this island is on the listing of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the World.

With so many stunning locations and actions you wish to do, staying in a single lodge or villa is not going to fulfill your desire for adventure. Public transportation on the island of Bali could be very uncommon, so it turns into a problem so that you can go to all the locations that you’ve got organized in your itinerary. Scooter leases are plentiful, but for brand spanking new travelers it is going to be a problem especially if the distance is sort of far. Perhaps the best choice is renting a car with Bali private driver for every day activity or for lengthy journeys.

In this text, we are going to provide some tips in cars on rent in Bali as well as suggestions for the best locations to go to and some important issues about Car rental in Bali.

Why Should You Hire A Car In Bali?

If you need to tour the most part of Bali island in your vacation, there are several issues to contemplate. Security is the principle factor in addition to price. And of course you positively want a stress-free vacation.
Compared to renting a scooter, it is far more costly, but touring by car is extra snug, safe and straightforward. And if you are adventuring in Bali on a scooter for the primary time, the highway state of affairs and packed site visitors shall be very stressful.

So, whereas a scooter is cheaper, it’s not all the time the best choice. If your price range is on your thoughts, you’ll be happy to know that Bali car rental price is fairly inexpensive compared to other areas like USA, Australia and Europe.

Of course, it’s possible to take a taxi, but this can end up extraordinarily expensive, particularly should you’re taking a number of journeys across the island. Renting a car from a service provider or finding a private driver are better options. You can agree on a value beforehand somewhat than having to continually shell out taxi charges.
So, our reply is a convincing sure, you undoubtedly should consider to take a rent car Bali service.

Here’s the way to rental car in Bali, with several guidance and recommendation to ensure you have a easy, protected and pleasurable time on the island. With so many beautiful spots to see and activities to do that Bali offer, it’s one of the best methods to get you round, let you to explore the nature and attractions on the island at your personal itinerary, freely and at a decrease price when compared to taking a number of rides by taxi.

A big benefit of renting your individual vehicle, you possibly can take pleasure in spontaneous stopovers and create your own journey. Even if you want to visit temples and lakes in Bali hinterland or drive through the highlands including the peninsula hills for its assortment of nice surfing beaches, your highway begins and ends solely whenever you determine.

Exploring Bali by car is more comfortable than a bike, for the apparent factor that it’s a lot tougher to fall off a automotive and the security amenities of the vehicle make collisions extra survivable. The most typical kinds of cars obtainable for rental are SUVs and hatchbacks – often models like the Daihatsu Xenia and Innova, though manufacturers and models vary throughout rental car Bali service provider.

You can choose from every day, weekly and month-to-month services. You also have to decide on whether or not you want a chauffeur or self-drive rental, the previous being with a driver’s payment added to the rates. Some companies also provide a tour guide beside a driver. Car leases can often be arranged via your lodge’s receptionist and are a great possibility if you’re a protracted-staying visitor.

There have been frequent cases of service provider having their automobiles stolen, so don’t be shocked if owners or firm can be very pushy on this. If you don’t bring back your automotive in forty eight hours from date and time which has been agreed upon, they will file a car theft report to the police with no doubt.

Do you want an international driving license for your journey in Bali?

If you’re self-driving, sure It’s necessary, actually. Bali’s Traffic Police routinely cease and verify foreign drivers to ensure that they have the driving license and appropriate paperwork. Usually, your own home nation-issued worldwide license along with your regular driver’s license is sufficient. If you don’t have them with you, be prepared to pay a fine.

You could apply for a brief vacationers’ license (with restricted validity) at the worldwide providers of the Poltabes (city police headquarters) on Jalan Gunung Sanghyang in West Denpasar. You will need to current originals and photocopies of your passport, KITAS allow, and pay a charge of round IDR 350,000 (approximately).

Do rent car in Bali include insurance coverage

Major rental corporations embrace insurance in their rental charges. Small, domestically run operators supply restricted or no coverage, so it’s usually safer (if dearer) to use one of many larger companies. Your lodge front office staff will have a good suggestion of which corporations provide which level of coverage and at what worth.

Is Bali Car Rental Cheap?

Based on the type of vehicle, daily leases are usually in the region of IDR 150,000 until IDR 500,000 (without driver). Bali car rentals with driver and petrol will be in higher rates with several additional charges included. Automatic transmission cars are usually slightly dearer than guide gears.

The Things That Need To Check About Bali Car For Rent

Day leases are for twenty-four hours and if you exceed that point, you’ll be charged for the excess hours, ranging between Rp 50,000 and 75,000 per additional hour, or a full day’s extra hire for over than 3 extra hours. You’ll mostly be informed of the corporate specific guidelines in this regard before signing the paperwork, nevertheless it’s suggested to call and inform them if you wish to use the vehicle several hours further without being charged for one more full day.

Check for the general situation of the vehicle, each inside and out. Inspect the car’s body for any scratches, damages or dents and report them to the rental staff if you find any. Ideally, you should photograph any such damage, too. Also, verify the tire strain and tread conditions and ensure the air-conditioning is absolutely practical. Finally gasoline; most car rentals in Bali give you a quarter-tank however others supply a full tank. You may be have to return back the vehicle with the same level of fuel you spent.

Car Rental Bali Useful Tips and advice

Unlike in USA and most overseas countries, road users drove on the left part of the highway, with the steering wheel and on driver’s seat the proper. Driving in Bali may be tense, with chaotic visitors and lots of bikes that zigzag out and in. Don’t assume that other drivers will observe the typical guidelines of the road, stay continuously aware and do not violate the traffic rules.

Unprecedented roadblocks, be it ritual temple pilgrimages and religious processions, are also a thing in Bali and you may get caught behind one for as much as half an hour or more. Watch your gas stage and stock the car with some munchies and drinks.

Some regionally-managed automotive rentals may be found in hottest resorts similar to Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Nusa Dua and Ubud, with indicators clearly bearing, “Rent Car Bali”. It’s easier to ask your resort’s concierge, who may also refer and organize for you.

Some Bali Road Trip Tips

In this section, we outline some of the most popular road trips in Bali. If you’re nonetheless not satisfied about renting a car, seeing the gorgeous places and enchanting spots you’ll be able to stop off will hopefully make your thoughts up.

Traveling From Ubud

Ubud Bali

Starting your Bali road trip journey from Ubud area? Great, these are an effective way to roam in one of the island’s trove – Mount Batur.

The main road from Ubud to Mount Batur is usually very busy with tourist traffic. It will become a stressful journey and will need longer time. But the minus will gone with this scenic route through Manikilyu. Well, at least after the first 10km – you do should take the regular street from Ubud.

Turn off in the direction of Payangan Town. Get ready to cross small bridges and pass river canyons after Payangan. This route will pass through small villages roads. Keep in search of indicators in direction of the Manikliyu Road.
Fortunately the route to Mount Batur is not as complicated as the route to Singaraja. Sharp turns are much rarer, which will makes you easier in driving. Ahead north ward towards Mount Batur until you reach Kintamani. Then enjoy the area round one of the most lovely volcanoes in Indonesia. Many visitors climb this volcano for dawn and there are lots spots in Bali as enchanting as this.


Kintamani Bali

If you want to visit Kintamani however you’re staying on the north part of Bali, this would possibly just a good point. A 40 miles journey is going to take you from Singaraja town to the Mount Batur’s crater rim.
It’s extra technical than the route from the south, with sharp turns winding their way up the hill via traditional villages and previous roadside temples. Stop as often as you can and enjoy the enchanting views of North Bali.
Take you chance to see the highest temple in Bali – Puri Penusilan. There’s an entry fee, nevertheless it’s well worth it.
The highway is properly-signposted, but you’re not prone to come throughout much other site visitors on the route, which means that you can simply sit back and benefit from the ride. Even if you’re driving it’s best to concentrate.

This is one tour that is quite far and fun if you start your journey from around Kuta. And it is also easy to reach by road from Ubud. This trip bisects the island from south to north, and there are a number of interesting issues to watch out for on the way.

Take the main road to Bedugul, which is famous for being one of the coldest areas on the island. But this is Bali, of course it won’t be as cold as winter. You will still feel warm even if you are only wearing a t-shirt. There are lots of interesting things that can be enjoyed here besides the botanical gardens.
Remember, the highway trip to lovina is about the tour, not the goal. Don’t miss taking a dip in the Secret Garden pool or stopping at the Aling Aling waterfall. Arriving at your destination in Lovina, decide whether to return to the hotel where you are staying or spend the night and spend a decent time at Lovina beach then see dolphins in the morning.

Amed Beach Karangasem

Amed Karangasem Bali

Tourist attractions in South Bali are fun, but there are some places that are quieter and you can go to them at any time if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle. If you’re staying in Nusa Dua or Kuta, this incredible Bali street tour is not to be missed out.

Navigate your vehicle towards Denpasar from Kuta then to East through the Ida Bagus Mantra road. Your first stop is the beautiful Candidasa seaside attraction, after you pass Goa Lawah Temple. Stop for a moment and enjoy various points of interest by the beach including Candidasa Lotus Lagoon, Besakih Temple, and Taman Tirtagannga, a serene temple with a public water park which was a former Royal Palace in Karangasem.
Take a walk by the beach and enjoy the beauty. It is lined with volcanic rock and cobblestones and there are quite pavilions where you can enjoy incredible views of the surrounding coastline.

Walk a little further along the beach until you reach Taman Ujung Karangasem, a majestic royal relic.
Continue slightly north along the road after Taman Ujung for a great view of the sharp turn. The roads in the area are rather quiet and the car you drive tends to be the only vehicle traveling on the road until you reach Amed Beach. And you can choose to spend the night, or return to your hotel via the directions to Mount Agung.

Rendang Karangasem

Our last Bali road trip advice is from Amed to Rendang. Drive your car leaving the beach area to inland area. You will pass small villages with vast stretches of rice fields before arriving in Sibetan.
The path will start uphill and through the forest, then west on a descending path. There must be lots of climbs and descents as well as sharp turns. Continue this road trip until you reach the Rendang town..
Around the town center, there are many tourist activities available such as white water rafting which is already very popular.

If you want to compare the car rentals in Bali, there are many Bali car rental with driver website that you could check. With some additional information and reviews from friends or true customers, selecting the best rent car Bali that suit your need will be more easier.