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Bali car rental with driver

Bali Rent Car Without Driver – Procedure to Do

Bali rent car without driver is one of the options to choose when you like to explore more places in Bali without limitation. Choosing to rent a car without using a driver may give you more advantages. Before you book a car, you better know how to choose the right place to rent a car during your holiday in Bali. You can continue reading this article to know more about some characteristics of the best rental car in Bali without a driver.

Characteristics of Best Bali Rent Car
Before you book for Bali to rent a car without a driver, you need to look around. You can search for information on the internet so you can know more about the rental car before you choose. What are some characteristics of the best car rental to book?

1. Have a Good Reputation
You better choose car rent with a good reputation. You can read their reviews then you will find whether the car rental is the best place to rent a car or not. With a good reputation, automobile rental services will offer the best and most excellent service facilities that will make you feel safer.

2. Normal fare
You will get benefit from automobile rental services that offer you a normal price. Some car rental prices are competitively priced with high-quality services in Bali, and you can compare some car rental services to get the best price.

3. 24/7 Service
You better choose a car rental service that offers a quick response, so you don’t have to wait around for too long. The best car renters will be ready to give reservation service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It helps you to book a car anytime you want.

4. Have a superior fleet
You can choose car rental services that have the newest fleet. They must guarantee car cleanliness, and perfumed vehicles to make your journey more pleasant. You can choose a car rental that offers you more choices of cars. Some car rental services in Bali offer luxury cars too. It can be used for holidays or other events.

Terms and Requirements to Rent Car without Driver

It is your choice whether you like to rent a self-drive or with a Bali private driver. Each option will give you different advantages. For you who choose to rent a car without a driver, you better read the terms and requirements that you must fulfill.

Before Rent Car without a driver

It is suggested to order at least one day before the day you come to Bali. The tenant must deliver photocopies of the following documents after your booking order has been confirmed:
• Credit card
• Hotel/villa stay or residence
• Identity card (Driving license, office ID, or ID as a student);

You need to choose the detailed pick-up location. When returning the car to the specified location, you need to bring and present the original copies of the documents listed above. The rental company will verify the accuracy of the information and the vehicle’s state at the time of delivery. The rental car agent can cancel your booking order if you do not meet their requirements.

While renting
The tenant is required to follow the initial bar or return the vehicle in the same fuel condition as when it was picked up.
There is a car’s maximum capacity for person and cargo.
Overload and excess passenger-related accidents and penalties are entirely the tenant’s fault.

The tenant is liable for paying replacement or repair charges for any damage or loss.
All traffic, parking, and other fines incurred caused by breaching the law on the rental time are the responsibility of the rental car company.
Without the rental company’s consent, you should not rent the car to a third party.

After renting
If there is an accident during the rental time or if the tenant breaks the law, the rental company can keep the deposit.
After the tenant has returned the automobile, the rental company is not liable for any items left inside.

According to the terms of each rental company, the customer will be responsible for paying any insurance charges and additional expenses related to the loss of the car during the rent time. Bali rent car without driver is a solution for you. But remember if you doubt with your knowledge about Bali road, there are a lot Bali car rental with driver as well.

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