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6 Tips To Find Cheap Car Rental in Bali For The Best Deal

Finding a cheap car rental in Bali as a means of transportation to tourist attractions has its own challenges. Although there are lots of car rentals in Bali and ready to serve anyone who is visiting, you must be careful in choosing a cheap car rental in Bali.

So, here are some tips to help you rent a cheap car in Bali.

Compare Weekly and Daily Rate
You would expect that the weekly rate would continuously be less expensive than the everyday rate, but this isn’t generally the case. In the event that you’re going on a trip of 3 or 4 days, it’s occasionally less expensive to book a vehicle for a week and afterward bring it back.

So before you book a cheap car rental in Bali, check whether the weekly rate is less expensive than daily rate or not. Simply make certain to peruse the rental’s fine print to make sure that you will not get hit with additional charges for returning the vehicle early. Furthermore, never let the rental company know that you’re intending to return the car early, or they could attempt to charge you extra.

Skip The Insurance
One of the greatest misuse of cash for car rentals is insurance. The rental companies will utilize a wide range of alarm strategies to persuade you to get the insurance, however you probably don’t need it. On the off chance that you have car insurance for your own vehicle, that protection will as a rule cover you when you’re in a rental vehicle. Simply call your insurance agent to make sure.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you have car insurance, you can as a rule get it when you book your vehicle rental with the right charge card. Believe it or not: most travel charge cards offer protection on rental vehicles at no additional expense for you.

Book Economy Car
There’s an exceptional sort of update that merits its own segment. At each phase of the rental process, the company will endeavor to up-sell you to a fancier vehicle model. It is smarter to constantly take the “Economy” car when you are reserving, regardless of whether you’d favor a nicer car.

Return The Car With a Full Tank
Next tips to rent a cheap car rental in Bali is returning the car with a full tank. After a long drive, when all you want to do is return home, it’s easy to get the vehicle back without refueling. However, you shouldn’t do this, as rental companies ordinarily charge nonsensical rates to refuel your car.
Of course, it is okay if you’re in a rush, however if not, you ought to constantly refuel the vehicle yourself. You’ll save a lot of cash when you put in a couple of additional minutes doing it.

No need to Rent GPS Navigation
GPS is a tool to help users to track the position of the vehicle, to determine the position of the car and can be seen in a digital map. This tool is very helpful for those who rent a car without a driver, GPS can be rented at a car rental place.

However, you already have a mobile phone that is equipped with google maps. So if you want to save money, you don’t need to rent it, because its function is also the same to find out our position and traffic flow. Can see the direction of the destination and traffic situation, traffic jams or not.

Rent a Car in Bali with Private Driver
Of course you think that renting a car with a driver will cost you more money. But that’s not always the case. If you are visiting Bali for the first time, this will actually be beneficial, because you will save more time, so your vacation will be more effective and efficient. Your driver can also be your guide at the same time.

In addition to the direction of the road, another thing that needs to be understood is the problem of traffic jams, during the holiday season in June / July and the end of the year, roads in Bali are easily jammed, if you use a driver, they already know alternative roads. In addition, regarding the parking lot when you arrive at your destination, if you drive yourself it is sometimes very difficult to find a parking space, because you do not understand it. There are many Bali car rental with driver that you can choose.

Hopefully these tips to choose cheap car rental in Bali are useful for you.

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