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5 Bali Car Hire Tips for You

Making sure that you get the best transportation choice when you are in Bali is a must. Bali car hire is one of the solutions if you want a comfortable vehicle to take you to many tourist spots. Besides, most people choose to rent a car in Bali because there are many car rentals that people can choose. In addition, before you pick one of the rentals, it is better to know some tips in the following explanation. Prepare your notes now!

Choosing the Car Type
Because there are various types of cars offered for rental in Bali, choosing the most suitable car type is one tip you must know before choosing a Bali car hire. In this case, you can find economy, compact, mid-size, and luxury cars for your trip. Indeed, it depends on your needs and preferences.

For those who need a bigger space, the family car is the best choice because there are more passenger seat inside. However, if you want to experience a luxury vacation in Bali, renting a luxury car can be your best idea. The price will vary from one Bali car rental to another. Besides, the type of car will influence the rental price as well.

Considering the Landscape
The landscape of the area you will visit in Bali should be one factor you consider to choose a Bali car hire. Here, the landscape will help you to decide which car rental packages are best for you. For instance, you plan to go to Kuta, Bali. The city area in Kuta is suitable for city cars. Besides, you also can choose to drive the car by yourself here.

However, it will be different if you choose Kintamani as your destination. If you are not an experienced driver, it is better to ask someone more skillful to drive. Also, you must choose a car that is suitable for uphill roads. Choosing a city car will be a bad decision because the car engine is not supported for rough terrain.

Rental with Drivers or Not
Do you want to choose a Bali car hire with a private driver or without? When you want more freedom, you can choose the car rental package without a driver. After you pay the rental cost, you will get the car key, and you can drive it wherever you want with a flexible time.

Meanwhile, for those who want a more comfortable trip without thinking about the route to the destinations, choosing the package of Bali car rental with a driver is the best choice. You only need to sit peacefully in your passenger seat and enjoy the view during the trip.

Knowing the Rental Rule
Usually, before you rent a vehicle in Bali car hire, the staff will inform you about the rental rule. It is important to know to avoid any problems when you rent a car. Some rules include the rental time, limitation area for certain car rentals, and the compensation you must pay when you cause damage to the car.

Regarding rental time, you must return the car before the rental time is over. When you plan to extend the time, you need to confirm with the car rental first. In some cases, the renters do not return the car on time, so the owner of the car rental reports them to the police.

Trusted Bali Car Rental
Another important tip you must know before choosing a Bali car hire is looking for any information about car rental. Here, you must make sure that the car rental is the trusted one. You can check it in the reviews on its official website. The better reviews the more trusted a car rental is.

Otherwise, you can ask your friends who chose the rental before. It is the most effective way because you may get other recommendations from your friends. Thus, by knowing all the info, you can decide whether the car rental is the best choice for you or not.

To sum up, there are five tips you can do before choosing the best Bali car hire. By knowing all of the tips above, now you will not be confused in choosing which car rental is the best for you. You also can ask your Balinese tour guide to arrange your vacation if you want a simple and quick way.

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