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Wanagiri Hidden Hill

Wanagiri Hidden Hill is located Jalan Munduk, Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, Bali. This spot is new vacation destination which is not too famous yet among foreign and domestic tourists. The hills offer very picturesque views, with twin lake(buyan and tamblingan lake) as complement. Wanagiri hills also provide a small swing for those who want to swing and several photos spots with a magnificent natural background.

The name wana giri comes from the word wana and giri (Wana means forest and Giri which means hill), so that Wanagiri means the forest’s hill. In this natural spot there are many shady trees and wild animals such as birds and apes in these hills. It is a perfect spot to blend with nature and fresh air. In addition to swing, the spot also provide huge bird nests and ship-shaped bridge which become good spot to take photos.

As a new vacation spot in Bali Wanagiri hill is in improvement on facilities and promotion. For who have photograph hobby and nature lover will love this hill.

The facilities available at Wanagiri Hill

  • Swing – The swing is only use for taking photos, not for the real swing, get on to the swing that is above the peak of Wanagiri Hill with background of the green lush panorama as well as Buyan and Tamblingan lakes, quite perfect spots for taking photos
  • Bird Nest – Among of the most Instagram-able photo spots is the huge Bird Nest that worth to try while in Wanagiri Hidden Hills.

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