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Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple is one of Hindu Temple that established to worship Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa in manifestation as the God Icwara, conveniently located in the top of Bisbis Hill in Karangasem regency, from this hill we can see the amazing view of the higest Mount Agung. The temple’s popular name among the visitors is Gate of Heaven.

Lempuyang Temple location:

This temple has status as one of the “Sad Kahyangan Jagad” so that it is clear that this temple is a sanctuary of the universe located in the east of the island of Bali. Thus viewed in terms of location, it can be explained that the function of this temple as a symbol to maintain the balance of the universe.

Lempuyang Temple known with the amazing view of Mount Agung, which become a good background for taking picture along with the Temple’s gate. Its really spectacular view offered in Lempuyang temple, that the reason visitors named it as Gate of Heaven.

Lempuyang Temple and other Sad Pura Sad Kahyangan were founded in the 11th century AD when Mpu Kuturan accompanied King Udayana to rule Bali with his Queen. Pura Sad Kahyangan was established to protect Bali so that people continue to do things that are justified according to religious teachings. There are many sources about the establishment of the Lempuyang Luhur temple which connected with ‘Bhatara Tiga” down to Earth in that time, here are several of the sources:

  • In Lontar Kutara Kanda Dewa Purana Bangsul was declared Sang Hyang Parameswara carrying mountains in Bali from Jambhudwipa (India), from Mount Mahameru. The piece of Mount Mahameru was brought to Bali and divided into three major parts and also small parts. The center are Mount Batur and Mount Rinjani, while the peak is Mount Agung. The smaller fragments become the mountain slopes in Bali that are related to each other. The mountains include Mount Tapsahi, Pengelengan, Siladnyana, Beratan, Batukaru, Nagaloka, Pulaki, Sangkur Peak, Rangda Hill, Trate Bang, Padang Dawa, Andhakasa, Uluwatu, Sraya and Gunung Lempuhyang. In the Old Javanese language Lempuh which means “gamongan”. He brought this mountain range that surrounded Bali Island by Sang Hyang Parameswara as the location of God’s manifestation gods to guard Bali.
  • In Lontar Kutara Kanda the Purana God of Bangsul also stated that the Parameswara assigned his son Sang Hyang Agnijayasakti down to Bali and preserved the welfare of Bali and located on Mount Lempuhyang or Gunung Gamorangan along with other gods.
  • In the inscription Sading C year 1072 Saka stated that Gunung Lempuhyang also called Gunung Adri Karang. At Mount Adri Karang this is the King of Jayasakti, because that is the mountain also called Karangsemadi. King Jayasakti was instructed by his father Sang Hyang Guru to go down to Bali to build the temple to become a safe and prosperous area. King Jayasakti invites his priests and his helpers and people to realize the order of Sang Hyang Guru to build Bali by initiating the construction of the temple at Mount Lempuhyang as the statues of God as Sang Hyang Iswara. Previously, Raja Jayasakti did as a first step in building a peaceful life in Bali.

Priest from the Lempuyang Temple are always held by one offspring traditionally according to the purusa (patrilinial) line, while the “pengangge” used in Lempuyang Luhur Temple is always white and yellow. When the aci or piodalan ceremony is held, all ingredients of the ingredients are provided by the “Truna” (youth), while those who work are ” Daha “(krandan) are teenage women. This is so that all of them are sacred, because they are spiritual, although sometimes this cannot yet be a guarantee of the sanctity. This spot become very famous among the vacationer recently. There are many tour service offer Bali tour package to this ‘Gate of Heaven’. But if you want to visit this site in random itinerary, you may use a Bali car rental with driver service.

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