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Calon Arang Dance Riventing German Society in Berlin

Staging the dance drama with the play “Calon Arang” is displayed Hindu students from the University of Indonesia managed to amaze the thousands of German society in the Garden of the World or Marzan Garten der Welt, Berlin. “The cold air Berlin is only about 12 degrees Celsius not discourage German citizens to witness the ‘Calon Arang’, says Secretary III-Information, Social, and Cultural Embassy in Berlin Purno London Widodo told AFP on Tuesday.

He said the overcast weather is not less than a thousand people crammed like to see from pole position watch interwoven stories in a dialogue and dance movements of Balinese gamelan accompaniment captivate nan mystical dynamic.

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Balinese gamelan drumming and stomping it sounds like a magical sensation, plus a sprinkling of fragrant incense and offerings of flowers add a festive event that brought Templefest Balinese Hindu Indonesian Community Association in Berlin.

Nyama Braya Berlin in cooperation with the manager of the World Wildlife Berlin and supported by the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin and the Ministry of Religious Affairs which brought 61 students Hindu University of Indonesia to show the elegance and grandeur of Bali island culture to the German people.

Widodo said Purno Dance Drama performances Calon Arang Dance is the ultimate presentation of Balinese Temple Fest event held in the park.

Previously various dances such as Balinese dance Kebyar Sitting, Sweet Jauk to Legong Keraton performed and got a standing ovation from park visitors. Two days before the various dances are also staged in the Berlin Museum of Ethnology.

Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany in his speech read by Charge d’Affaires ad Interim Diah Rubianto welcome event that is not only considered as cultural performances but also a part of diplomacy to strengthen the foundation of the friendship of two different cultural backgrounds.

Exactly 60 years ago, Indonesia and Germany are resemi bind themselves to enter a new phase in the diplomatic relations and build bridges to promote mutual understanding and develop a spirit of cooperation, he said.