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Antonio Blanco Museum

Antonio Blanco museum presenting Balinese lifestyle in motion, you can explore the gardens or enjoy a cozy temple there. You can see the picture of the maestro’s life almost all over the museum. Studio painting is still untouched, you could discover many unfinished paintings there.

Women stroll by means of the garden, in classic Balinese costume holding offerings. The vacationers could discover the subtle flower and coconut leaf offerings (canang sari in Balinese) being created in the courtyard. The Blanco family members offers a personal visit of the museum and garden.

Antonio Blanco was born in Manila, Philippines, on September 15, 1911. Both of his moms and dads were Spanish, a truth that Blanco considered connected him geographically and emotionally to Miro and Salvador Dali. His dad moved to Manila throughout the Spanish – American Warfare, where he achieved predominance as a physician. Blanco was schooled at the American Central School in the Capital. Throughout his high school period he adored the arts, language and literature however strive in scientific content.

It is no magic that he spoke six different languages – Spanish, French, English, Tagalog, Indonesian and a bit of Balinese. After finishing high school in Manila, Blanco continued his study at the National Academy of Art in New York under Sidney Dickinson. Throughout those first conformative years, Blanco focused on the people form, captivated by the feminine body a lot more than any different topic matter. To additionally his studies and spark his touring spirit, he journeyed broadly throughout the world prior to he eventually ended up in Bali in 1952.

The King of Ubud offered Blanco a piece of area to established up his residence and facility in Campuan, Ubud, at the raccordement of two religious waterways. Blanco and his Balinese spouse, the famous dancer Ni Ronji, resided in their hill getaway, hardly leaving it for the world outside. Pursuing a short journey to the United States, where Blanco obtained numerous new collectors, the couple certainly not left their fantasy home again. Residing in peaceful environment with his four kids, Tjempaka, Mario, Orchid and Maha Devi, Bali started to be Blanco’s center.

He was captivated by the tropical isle and totally fascinated by its appeal. Blanco resided and worked in his marvelous hilltop house till his death in 1999, feverishly producing his illusion pictures of stunning females. Encircled by luxurious backyards, rice fields and with a Banyan tree standing over his family’s temple, Antonio Blanco proceeded to generate a new fact for himself. His imaginative outpourings of this remote world has become much searched by eager art lovers, hobbyists and promoters. Throughout a several years, Blanco has become the most popular overseas artist who select Bali as his residence.

He was acknowledged in both Indonesia and overseas, obtaining many honors and commanding enormous prizes at worldwide auctions. By the ending of his life, Blanco had commenced establishing this museum at his studio in Campuan. Dramatically, he died just prior to its inauguration. His funeral was marked by a very essential cremation in Ubud. It was Blanco’s desire to convert his studio-mansion into a museum. His son, Mario, completed this dream by pursuing his way to become a painter as well.

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