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Amuk Bay Beach Bali

The sea never ever prevents to amaze one with the volume of unique things it covers inside its bosom. Encircled by white and black seashores and coral reef, Bali turns into the greatest location for travelers from all over the globe who explored for the greatest sea expertise. Commencing from the activities on the top of the water surface till investigating the wonderful undersea ecosystem.

On a bright Saturday, we came at Benoa Tirta Harum Water Sport at Amuk Bay, Karangasem. We got there a little earlier, however that’s simply because the eliminate of excitements in our chests had been prepared to maximize. For FIFTEEN years, BTH has been known as as one of the finest water sport agencies in Bali. They provide numerous adrenaline-pumping activities like banana boat, ocean tubing, ocean rafting, snorkeling, parasailing, dive walker, diving and many more.

We were welcomed by comfy hospitality from Benoa Tirta Harum Water Sport staff. They happily well prepared all the accessories needed for a several water sport activities and demonstrated us a video guide of dive walker prior to we advancing to the seashore. Just after we set our dive accommodates on, we took a speedboat trip for two minutes from the seaside to the dive stage.

By the dive stage, soon after the trainer informed us how to addressing unexpected emergency processes, cleaning ears, and hand signs, we’re ready to jump. The depth from dive stage is not more than 7 meters. The employees gently put the oxygen head-wear on and with their helps; we took the steps down to the underside of the sea. The helmet’s weight was amazingly heavy, even though it simply weights around 7 kg under the sea.

The landscapes underwater was wonderful! Even though we’re in superficial water, the quantity of exotic fish all-around us was substantial. The trainer gave us pieces of bread-stuff to feed them and the more you place the breads in your hand, the more they come. After 30 minutes breathing in a outstanding world, we gone back to surface area.

BTH also presents scuba diving training for the tourists. They offer Open Water Dive Course and Superior Open Water Course. You are going to understand the important abilities for harmless and exciting leisure diving. As soon as certified, you will probably be capable to dive to 18 meters under water with the buddy and acquire air fills, scuba gear and services everywhere in the globe! Visit this under-sea heaven on your vacation in Bali. If you want to visit the beach, you may use a Bali car rental with driver service.

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