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Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Situated on a limestone escarpment overlooking the South Bali tourist region, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park showcases the art and culture of the Island of the Gods amid dramatic natural backdrops and breathtaking panoramic vistas. Located fifteen minutes from the international airport and less than an hour from most major Bali hotels and resorts, GWK is one of the island’s premier venues for artistic performances, exhibitions, and conferences as well as for sightseeing and relaxation. Use a taxi or Bali private driver service and surely you will get to the spot easily.

Modern Renderings of Ancient Tradition
Dominating the park is Wisnu, a bust of a Hindu deity constructed from giants slabs of copper and brass. Representing the divine force responsible for the protection of the universe, the 22 meter Wisnu figure is a modern rendering of an ancient cultural tradition. The companion piece, Garuda, represent the giant bird which transports Wisnu, a symbol of both freedom and selfless devotion.

The two 25-meter natural limestone pillars comprising the Gapura Batu, at the entrance gate to the complex, are carved with images taken from the Ramayana, the Mythical cycle of stories forming the dramatic basis of most Balinese art forms. The base-relief carving on the gate depict scenes from the Wayang, the shadow puppet theater unique to Bali and neighboring Java.

A Place of Spiritual Pilgrimage
Adjacent to Wisnu figure is the Pahrayangan Somaka Giri, a sacred spring from which flows water containing a rich mixture of minerals. As the existence of the spring in these arid limestone hills has no scientific explanation, it has become a place of pilgrimage and meditation. The water is believed to cure disease, and is widely used by local conjurers in ritual to invoke rain in order to ensure good crops.

Avenue For Every Occasion
With little rainfall and open to fresh tropical breezes, Garuda Wisnu Kencana facilities are ideal for all types of outdoor events. The first-class acoustic environment of the 800-seat Amphitheater is a peerless venue for intimate cultural performances. Enclosed by enormous limestone pillars with the Wisnu figure as a backdrop, the dramatic Lotus Pond area has a capacity for 7500 persons. Like the ceremonial boulevard of a Balinese village, the Street Theater is suitable for processions, fashion shows, and other mobile performances. The most intimate space, the Plaza Kura Kura, can hold 200 people. In additional to the open public spaces, the Exhibition Gallery provides 200 square meters of covered area as well as ten square meters of internal open courtyard.

Dinning Under The Stars
Numerous cafes and restaurants provide a full range of food and beverage services, from snacks and light meals to banquets. On-site catering facilities can prepare up to 200 meals be it Indonesia, Oriental, or International cuisine, which can be served al fresco in an appropriate public space. A popular venue for an individual visitor is Warung Nyoman, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of south Bali while sampling traditional Indonesia food.

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