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Do you want to visit Bali as your next vacation destination? We have all you need! In this site we provide almost all information needed in arranging your vacation to Island of the thousand temples. Our commitment is subserve to give as much information and service to make our customer in making their vacation to Bali memorable, fun and safe, even if you are a new visitors or frequent visitors. Check out our site to get as many information to make an enjoyable holiday.

Bali has been a preferred choice as vacation destination in Asia even in the World since more than two decades. Aside from beautiful scenery it has, art heritage and unique culture also become its attractiveness for vacationers. The locals keep preserving their traditional culture in the fast accommodation and infrastructure development.The tradition is exist in the modernity.

Traditional culture and art are incorporated as commodities in the tourism industry, which makes Bali unique and still survive as one of the major tourist destinations in the world. Visitors still could visit traditional villages which also produce Balinese handicrafts such as wood carvings, bamboo and rattan woven, jewelry, painting and Balinese woven clothes. Visitors could by those products as memento directly from the craftsmen.

Bali has almost everything for all visitors. Even if you are budget strapped traveler, Bali has many options to offer from accommodation, food and tour services. There are budget hotels in kuta area and many guest houses around Ubud. There are many restaurant that offer affordable local foods and there are motor bike rentals for those who want to traveling by their own. If you want luxurious vacation, there are many five stars hotel available as well as private villas. No doubt, Bali is perfect choice for your next vacation destination.

What we offer?

We have almost everything that vacationers need to make their vacation memorable and comfy. We have information about accommodation, transportation and tour services in Bali. You could arrange your holiday in Bali with us. Here are the services that we offer:

  • Bali car charter with driver. Our car are all new and on their best performance with guaranteed comfort for traveling and exploring magnificent spots on the island. We are very flexible in arranging the itinerary for your tour. We can offer the best suggestion for the spots to meet the time limit. Or if you need drop off service or airport transfer, we can provide the services as well. Our driver are the experience drivers who have been worked in Bali driver companies before the pandemic killed those business.
  • Bali accommodations information. We could provide you information about the preferred accommodation from comfy and affordable guest houses into the luxury beach front private villas. Simply give us your criteria and we will give you several options. Or if you need us to book one of those for you, we will do it for free.
  • Bali related information. We provide information about the available vacation spots in Bali, from the famous one until the new discovered spots. Beaches, Temples, attractions and other you could find them in our blog. In case you could not find information you need in our site, simple email us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Don’t let you traveling to Bali lack of fun without good planning. Trus us to help you to avoid in getting less satisfactory services. Our professional team will do their best to avoid our customer experiencing unnecessary problems. We will give clear information about covered and uncovered prices to avoid complaint in the end. We put some tour packages in site as well to give some easier options to select. Those packages are vary based on the spots and tour duration.

Planning you holiday with Us

We understand that there are many travel services available and can cost you hours or days to check them one by one. Therefore, look no more than TheBaliTravels.com. This is where all information you need about Bali available in just one place. Allow us to help you from the beginning to the end, and we will ensure that your holiday will become memorable.

Feel free to contact us through our contact page, or send us a massage via WhatsApp, we will respond all your inquiries and help you making the best travel plan to visit Bali. Do not wait, Contact us now and plan your trip to Bali, and enjoy the best traveling experience in Bali.

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