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Step By Step: Sanur Car Rental

Sanur is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bali, Indonesia. There are plenty of public beaches and some private beaches with direct access from a certain lodge. One of the important aspects of your vacation to Sanur, Bali, Indonesia is transportation mode. Surely there is public transportation that you can use, but if you are aiming for comfort, you can always rent a vehicle. Locals have various options for you. From motorcycles to cars. You can adjust to your needs and vacation budget. Here is the step by step to get a Sanur car rental.

1) Select your rental dates
Before you come to Sanur, you might already have an itinerary. To rent a car, you can’t just go waltzing into a car rental company and wish that they give you an available car. They might need time to prepare the vehicle so that when you use it, it’s of the best quality and safe. Therefore you need to specify the rental dates. When are you planning to rent and for how long. The rental dates will also affect the price of the rental. There are car rental companies that offer daily rent, and there are also companies that offer weekly or even monthly rent.

2) Choose the car you wanted
There are a lot of car types that you can choose from in Sanur car rental. If you are looking to travel inside the city road with your friends or family, then you might want to choose a minivan. If you are looking to go off-road, then you might want to choose a specific car that can function in different kinds of terrains. Choosing the right car for your traveling needs is necessary because it will guarantee your comfort. The different car types will cost differently too. Commonly, a minivan is rented for Rp500.000 per day. But you can browse car rental companies in Sanur, Bali to get the best deals.

3) Choose your car rental company
Choosing the right Sanur car rental company is crucial. You might want to look up online reviews before setting your choices. You can also compare prices between several companies to get the best deals. You need to be careful when choosing the company. If you need to, you can set up a meeting with one of the employees to either look at the car’s condition or for a small chat. This can ensure that the company is legit.

4) Communicate with the car rental company
Afterward, you can make a deal with the car rental company. They might ask you to deliver some documents for identification. Such as a copy of your passport or ID. You might also ask about insurance when you rent a car from them. You might also ask whether they have a recommended vehicle for your itinerary. If you need a driver, you can also ask if the company offers a driver’s package. With a driver, you don’t need to drive the car and navigate the road all by yourself.

5) Pick up the car
On the agreed date, you can go pick up the car. Or have it delivered to you. Either way, you need to prepare some legal documents for verification. The Sanur car rental company might want you to fulfill the payment before the vehicle hand-off. You will also sign a document stating the terms and conditions of the rental process. Make sure you review the document carefully before signing. The Sanur car rental company should also provide a condition report of the car. You can also take a picture before using the car as a safety measure.

6) Drop off the car at the agreed date
When you are finished with the car, return it at the agreed date. If you need an extension, you can discuss it with the company. Ask about additional charges. Otherway, you need to make sure that you have already contacted the company. When you return the car it needs to be in the same condition as when you take it.

That is all the steps you need to know before using Sanur car rental services. It will be highly beneficial for your next stay in Sanur, Bali. The important thing is to plan the whole thing before executing your holiday plan. But if you stay in different spots in Bali, there are many Bali car rental with driver as well as Bali private driver service to make your vacation.

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