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How to Get Cheap Car Rental Ubud Bali? Find the 7 Tips Below

Renting a car is the best choice for your vacation in Ubud, Bali. As a tourist area, many places offer car rental Ubud Bali so that you can find your best vehicle easier. However, how to get a cheap car rental? If you choose a budget trip, the following tips below are for you. Check all of the tips to get a cheaper price for your transportation cost below.

Comparing Several Car Rentals
Finding out about car rental Ubud on the internet is one of the effective ways. There are many car rentals you can choose from. Since you will find more than one place, you need to compare those places to get the cheaper one. One important thing that you must remember is you need to compare the packages offered. By comparing the price and the package, you will find the right car rental with a lower budget.

Finding Out Discounts in Travel App
If you want to get a cheaper car rental Ubud Bali, it is a good idea to look for discounts in the travel app. Usually, a travel app will offer some discounts for certain bookings. You may find the discount by renting cars using the app. Not all travel apps will offer a discount, so you must know which travel app that can give you this advantage.

Splitting the Cost with Friends
This tip is only for those who go on vacation together in a group. You can split the cost of Ubud car hire with your friends. Of course, the cost will be cheaper than when you must pay for it by yourself. The more people in your group, the cost that must be paid for each person will be cheaper. However, it can work well if your group rents an economy car type. If you choose the luxury one, the cost can be higher.

Choosing Economy Car
Car rental Ubud Bali usually provides many types of cars for all tourists who need a vehicle for their vacations. From economy cars to luxury cars, all types are provided. For getting a cheaper cost, of course, the recommendation is you select the economy car. This type of car is usually the cheapest one on the package list. In addition, when there is a choice between a manual or automatic car, it is better to choose the manual one because it is commonly cheaper.

Avoiding Daily Rental
For those who plan to stay in Ubud for a longer time, renting a car will make going everywhere easier. However, daily car rental Ubud Bali can cost higher because you must pay the cost daily. That is why, to get a cheaper cost, you should avoid a daily rental car, and choose weekly and monthly. The total cost of weekly or monthly rental is usually lower and it can press your budget for transportation.

In this case, not all places will offer weekly or monthly packages. In the worst case when you cannot find other choices, you can bargain the price of daily car rental Ubud Bali. You can ask your Balinese friend to help you with this.

Skipping the Airport Rental Car
Renting a car at the airport may be very convenient because you can get the transportation after you reach Bali. However, it is not recommended for you who want to press your transportation cost. Why? Renting a car at the airport is commonly more expensive than renting a car outside the airport. The airport surcharges make you must pay more for the rental.

Registering Membership
If you come to Ubud, Bali often, you should register for a membership in a car rental Ubud Bali to get a discount when you rent a car there. By joining a membership, there are many advantages you will get, and one of them is the discount you may get from your transaction. Then, when you often rent a car, you may get other advantages that help you to budget the transportation cost.

From the explanation above, at least there are seven tips you can do to get a cheaper car rental Ubud Bali. Indeed, by getting a cheaper price, your transportation cost when you are in Bali can be lower. So, vacation in Ubud will be more enjoyable now. For those who stay in different parts of Bali, there are a lot Bali car rental with driver as well as Bali private driver service on the island. Pick one which suit your need and enjoy every single minute of your time on this paradise.

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