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Bali car hire with driver

How to Find Cheap Bali Car Rental with Driver?

Cheap Bali Car Rental with Driver

It is a common thing for tourists to search for cheap Bali car rental with driver to navigate the roads. More importantly, it is one of several options of transport tourists can consider when having a holiday on the island of Bali. Because of that, there are many service providers on that matter. It often overwhelms tourists, local and foreign alike, in finding the best option on that one. In many ways, it is similar to the part when choosing the tour package for a holiday trip in Bali.

Why Renting a Car with a Bali Private Driver?
One thing to keep in mind in the first place is the reason to go to this option instead of the others. Without a doubt, other options of transport consist of a motorcycle, bicycles, and even a shuttle bus. Fundamentally, the combination of freedom and comfort is there when deciding to find a cheap Bali car rental with driver. It is the most flexible mode of transportation to have in Bali to enjoy a holiday trip there. It is easy to reach one place after another with maximum comfort on the road.

More importantly, it comes with extra luggage available. That makes it perfect for those who want to purchase a lot of souvenirs when in Bali. On the other hand, it is also the most effortless choice of transport. Remember, there is a driver that comes with the car. Thus, tourists do not need to drive cars around. Plus, there will always be bonuses for those who are booking the car with the driver accordingly. So, there is no need to consider other options but to find a cheap Bali car rental with driver.

What about the Rates?
Without a doubt, ordering a car for rent in Bali with a driver will not be as expensive as in other countries. Of course, there is flexibility there since there are a lot in Bali. The general estimation for the rates of this transport option in Bali ranges between IDR500,000 and IDR800,000. In other words, it ranges between USD36 and USD58 for a day. That comes with standard vehicles in any choice of cheap Bali car rental with driver.

Meanwhile, tourists who want to have luxurious vehicles instead of regular ones can also have them. Nevertheless, the rates will be different from the regular ones. Believe it or not, it ranges between IDR1,600,000 and IDR2,000,000 for luxury vehicles, such as Toyota Alphard. In other words, it ranges from USD107 to USD134 for a day. Apart from those numbers, it remains a top-notch choice of transport from cheap Bali car rental with driver.

Where to Rent the Car and Driver?
Lastly, the rather tricky part is to find the service provider on this matter. Apart from the fact that there are many of them in Bali, finding the appropriate one can be somewhat tricky. It is not a new thing that tourists can become easy targets for some irresponsible people who want to take advantage at some point. Therefore, the best way to look for a car rental service when in Bali is to ask the hotel. The hotel will have its recommendation about any transportation solution for tourists, indeed.

Another way to secure the service of cheap Bali car rental with driver is to go online. There are many platforms available to look for this particular service. Recommendations from the hotel and search results from platforms minimize the chance of paying too much money for the service. It is recommended to avoid getting this particular service on the spot in famous locations around Bali. That way the service may not be too professional and the cost can be a lot more expensive than the regular ones.

The Final Words
Going around the island of Bali is a thing tourists do to enjoy the holiday there. Without a doubt, it requires a form of transportation to do it. Incorporating the service of cheap Bali car rental with driver is a top-notch choice on this matter. It comes with reasonable costs and advantages over other options of transport. It is a way to further optimize the traveling experience in Bali, indeed. So, there is no need to hesitate in considering this option over the other available choices for transport in Bali.