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Ayung Bali Rafting Tour Package

People who have Bali adventure traits would never be able to evade the urge to join water sport opportunities. Ayung Bali Rafting is one of those opportunities that give great sense of adventure for any tourist. This sport is thrilling and quite easy for people to enjoy. Ayung is one of several rivers that provide nice rafting adventure. Ayung River is located in Ubud which makes the access to adrenaline amusement easier. You can reach the place after spending one hour riding from air port. Of course it would be much better if you prepare yourself at your hotel before visiting this place. It is necessary to have good condition and reflex to make your adventure safe. There are several places to stay at Ubud since it is one of a good tourism spot in Bali.

First Experience when Rafting in Bali
You will recognize Ayung Bali Rafting starting point easily as indicated by sign and several instructors that greet you and give you several directions about what you should do and what you should avoid. You should give your attention to what they say especially if you are beginner for this kind of activity. Several directions are very important. You will learn how to sit properly on the raft and what to do when your raft flip over. Make sure you understand since any part of the introduction is important. Your ability to absorb the introduction can determine the extent of your enjoyment in this activity. It is much better if you do this activity with several friends that familiar with rafting since they can help you to understand things you should do.
Ayung Bali Rafting Thrills and Pleasure

Rafting in Bali can contain four people and one instructor. You will need the instructor to make Ayung Bali Rafting adventure safe. The length of your ride is 2 hours. You may think it will end fast, but when you ride on the stream each seconds will take some of your stamina away. Some part of your ride is not too harsh. You can enjoy some in ease of it and take some picture if you want to. You can use sculpture that seen on river stones as your picture background. You will recognize some extent of Balinese art through the carvings and most of it is quite amazing to see. Bringing kids to this activity is possible. Parent’s presence is required so having fun with your family is possible.

Ayung Bali Rafting experience is quite thrilling for beginners and families that have little experience about rafting. Some places are really beautiful. Ask your instructor to see hidden Bali waterfalls. This ride is quite cheap since it is only suitable for water sport tourist and beginners. The cheap price has no influence to the quality and safety of your ride. It is the important part that decide whether a rafting service popular or not. There is no way they will neglect any mistake that may harm your safety. You will blend better to the nature with Ayung Bali Rafting. Visiting Ubud for art is not complete if you haven’t seen the art that displayed in Ayung River both by human craft and nature. Visit and enjoy this activity using a Bali private driver or Bali car rental with driver service.

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