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6 Tips When You Hire Driver In Bali

Having an idea to hire driver in Bali is a great idea to see some of Bali’s rare sights and drive all day visiting markets, beach clubs and restaurants for dinner. This article explains how to hire a private driver in Bali, how much it costs and how to book.

1. Why hire a driver in Bali?
Beaches, shops and restaurants are within walking distance from your accommodation, and if you want to go further afield on an exotic day trip, all you need is a Bali car rental and driver to suit your tour for the day.

However, if you plan to travel beyond short walks on most days, it is highly recommended to hire driver in Bali and a car for the duration of your stay. With this option, you can avoid the hassle of frequent taxi rides in Bali and enjoy a smooth vacation in Bali.

Whether you and your crew want to spend the day at the beach club, visit unique attractions such as temples, rice terraces, Balinese hammocks, some amazing waterfalls, or just spend the day shopping Hiring a car and a driver can make all the difference, even if you think you are.

2. Can I reserve a Bali car rental with driver for half a day only?
Yes, I can. Due to popular demand from comments and emails I have received, I have worked with Driver Network to hire driver in Bali and a car for 4 hours. Perfect for shopping, hotel transfers, or when you just want to hang out for a few hours at a private spa or restaurant (yes, they’re waiting for you).

3. Be clear about your destination and what to expect
Most drivers are passive rather than proactive, so if you ask them to go to a destination that is too far away or they might run into traffic, they will usually follow orders. Being proactive means discussing where you want to go, understanding realistic and expected travel times, and whether there will be enough time left for other destinations and a return flight.

There is a big difference between cheap rent and a Bali private driver who already knows the places and attractions you want to go. Before getting in the car, speak with the driver. The driver will hold the door open so don’t pressure yourself to jump in.

Use simple words and speak plainly – I’m not saying it’s simple because it’s thought, I’m saying it’s simple because there’s a language barrier. Your early engagement with your driver will tell you how well the driver understands English. A discerning driver will start building a relationship with you, ask you what you like, and adjust accordingly.

4. Book a driver from your hotel
Each hotel offers a private car and driver booking service, especially for day tours. This is one of the many sources of income that hotels rely on. The biggest profit bonus comes from short trips as they can charge several times what a taxi can charge. A good example is a trip to a local restaurant just a few kilometers from the hotel. They do not allow taxis or shared transportation on their premises, so you are at their mercy.

5. Use WhatsApp to connect with our driver partners
Download WhatsApp. Everyone in Indonesia uses his WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a free smartphone app that allows you to send texts and calls using the internet or his WiFi. Buying his SIM card at the airport is very cost effective and your home telecom provider.

It has an easy learning curve, and anyone with a smartphone of all ages can easily and effortlessly use it within minutes. The best part is that you can always stay in touch with your driver when you decide to hire driver in Bali so you don’t have to be worried. One of the best features is that your current location is sent via text message giving you a GPS map directly to your actual location.

6. Plan your bathroom breaks and get in touch with your driver
Communicate with your driver well in advance before you hire driver in Bali so you don’t get stuck in traffic or stuck in the countryside without a clean and accessible toilet.

A discerning driver will know where the restroom stops are. If you’re traveling on the highway from Ubud, you might go to a restaurant off the beaten track with clean, well-served toilets. Discerning drivers know where the best toilet breaks are.

Make sure he requests a bathroom break at least 20 minutes before the scheduled time. Or at least make sure your driver knows how to stop and find you when navigating suburban areas with no public facilities.

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