Bali Vacations – Some Important Guidance

Bali is a small island in the Indonesia tropical archipelago, but very well known for its stunning views, traditional art and culture and many other things that ought to be known experienced. Most visitors have visited it to enjoy and learn the unique and amazing culture of Balinese people, some come to enjoy the beauty of its beaches and the waves, and some are coming to host crucial event. Bali is a province in Indonesia which has been selected as among of the best vacation destination in Asia.

Here are some importance guidance to consider, for those who are going to planning their next Bali vacations.


To visit Indonesia or Bali, make sure your passport is still valid up to six months, otherwise you will find yourself on the next plan out. Prepare your visa as well which could obtained in the Indonesian consulates in overseas. Visitors from several Asian Countries don’t need this kind of document like from Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Philippine. You could find more information in Airline or Travel agent regarding this matter.


As we all know that Rupiah is the Indonesian currency. The best exchange rates for foreign currencies to Rupiah you could get in several banks or money changer services. BMC money changer in Kuta area is worth to try. I got the best exchange rate when I am in Bali. Make sure to count your money before you leave the money changer or Bank. All major Hotels, tour agencies and activities as well as some big shops are accept travel check, several smaller shops as well. And one more thing, you have to bring your passport or a copy with you anywhere you go.

Although Bali has been recognizing as a safe place for visitors, but there have been several cases of mugging and robbery on the street. So, be aware in saving your money after changed them especially in big amount.

Credit cards

Now, Bali hotels, mini-markets and shops work with credit card payment with 3% additional charge normally. Nevertheless, remember to take rupiah wherever you go because not all place accept this plastic cards especially when you purchase something in your tour.


Accidents are an unpredictable matters. So, it is better if you cover your self by travel insurance or personal insurance. If you want to rent a vehicle for your mobile, make sure it insurance. Please take all of your valuable things when you park the car to avoid crime interfere your vacation. Snatching and stealing handbag have been increasing, so I suggest to leave your document in some safe places (in your hotel or villa) and take some copies of them. Be aware in crossing the road since bad traffic in Bali now on.

Take a light clothes

As a tropic island, Bali has warm weather all the time. It is no need to take your coat or other winter clothes. Jeans, pans and T-shirts will be better. You surely know that Bali is the place where prayers and ceremonies take an important part. There are many unwritten local rules in the community. Wearing sarong and sash is a must when you attending religious ceremonies or visiting a temple. Avoid to walk infront of people praying. Avoid to step on offerings on the sidewalk. If you want to take some pictures of the priest, it is advisable to not using flash. And the most important thing, a women in menstruation time are forbidden to enter the temples or other holy places.

For Beach lovers

Almost all of Bali beaches are have their own life guard. They will mark the safe swimming area with yellow and red flag. Do not violate the limit for your safety. Avoid to leave your properties unattended on the beach.


International health certificate is required, especially for visitors who come from endemic areas. It is advisable to have paratyphoid and typhoid vaccinations, even those are optional matter. Take some times to do some exercise in the morning to keep fit. Almost all of Balinese foods are spicy, be aware to them especially if you have stomach problems. Weather changes sometimes give bad effects to your health as well. Ask some information in the front office if you need further help to your health problems. Almost all of major hotels and villas have their own clinic for visitors.

Bali is an amazing island, consider it as your next vacation destination. Make a call and book your accommodations or contact us to get some information.