Bali Vacation Guide to Kuta: How to Explore Safely

If you ask people who have never been in Bali about the most famous place there, big chance they will answer ‘Kuta.’ This area is very popular it is always mentioned first in lists of famous vacation spots in Bali. Thanks to its popularity, Kuta is always packed every year, so Bali vacation guide to Kuta is something you need to pay attention to. Since it is crowded and popular, there are huge risks of having unpleasant holiday experiences if you are not well prepared, especially if your budget is limited and you cannot always have the best options.

Bali Vacation Guide to Kuta: Things to Remember

motor bike rental in Kuta

Kuta is quite crowded with thriving businesses and services on the right and left side of the main roads. Here are some important Bali vacation guide points if you want to explore Kuta safely:

  • Use motorcycle or bike. This is a better option than car if you want to explore Kuta, especially during peak season. The street can be really packed and car will not get a lot of places to maneuver. Motorcycle and bike rentals are numerous in Kuta streets, but if you are not Indonesian and want to ride motorcycle, make sure you already have temporary license for foreign tourist, made at local police station.
  • Stroll along the Kuta streets and beach to find cheap food. Sometimes, the cheapest foods are the ones sold by local peddler or semi-permanent food stalls. There are many options from wide array of rice and side dishes, meatball with broth, cheap burger, fried noodle and many more. One portion is often cheaper than $2. Of course, you can always order from fast food joint, but where’s the fun in that?
  • Stocking on bottled water is the safest option if you have digestive problem and coming from other countries. Tap water in Kuta is surely not for drinking, and sometimes people with sensitive stomach cannot handle local water, especially children. Do not worry because supermarket is abundant, and bottled water is really cheap.
  • Looking for the most famous guest house for backpackers is the most recommended Bali vacation guide to Kuta. Often, the best guest houses are not found in hotel booking websites, but from backpacker forum and such. These guest houses often have really homey atmosphere and very clean, and have really friendly owners that can give you more useful suggestions to enjoy holiday in Kuta.
  • If you come to Kuta because of the night life, remember that night clubs in this area are often rowdy and have really blaring music. They are perfect if you are a party type person, but not so great if you only want to enjoy music and atmosphere. Hard Rock Café can be great option if you really want to enjoy music, but make sure you know what kind of atmosphere you can expect from a club when you want to try it.

Kuta is a place where every type of tourist can mingle easily in casual atmosphere, but paying attention to Bali vacation guide will make your holiday more enjoyable in this popular area.